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I'm off Thursday so I believe I will be instigating a field trip into West Des Moines to go see it. Most of the theatres closer will be showing stuff that released last weekend, I think.
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Changed my layout a couple days ago. We have moved from MirrorMask to Delacroix and Hugo. xD It's also, IMO, easier to read. And easier to decipher my flist to boot. xD

Um. Not much going on. I've been really lonely and down recently, and then realized that I've been forgetting to take my meds. So hopefully remembering those will help me feel a bit better. Gymnast is coming over tonight too, so that will be fun. I can't wait until she gets here.

was thinking about that, actually, my names for my friends. MBF and HLBF (MormonBestFriend and HorseLoverBestFriend), haven't changed, thank God. But DrumMajor is no longer a drum major and Gymnast no longer a gymnast. gothsocks changed her name so many times that I just eventually stopped, because it was confusing. xD And then I realized I haven't really talked of my friends a lot recently. I blame Costa Rica, I was kind of out of the picture.


Today, at 8:30 this morning, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously voted to


I'm SO HAPPY!!! Guys, it's awesome! It goes into effect in 3 weeks and IA will be only the fourth state in the country to do it, after Massachusetts and California (and they struck it down fuck you prop 8) and Connecticut, and it's IOWA. MY state! I'm so happy!!!!! My little, hickish, 3 million people, farming, mixed-up-with-Idaho-and-Ohio-all-the-time state. WE DID IT!!!! :DDDDDD

If there's any external event that could pull me from depression, for at least a while, this is it. There are not words for how happy I am. :D

This is the most wonderful thing ever.
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Apparently it was a mag. 6.2, and now all of San Jose (including Alajuela and Heredia), is on red alert. And no one is allowed to go upstairs. And the study abroad office (which has better internet than the university) is closed. D:


I was lying on my bed watching FMA eps that I'd downloaded a million years ago (read: they were like early first season XD) and suddenly the window started shaking and I thought it was a car or something but then everything began shaking and I was like "HOMG IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE AND I'M NOT GONNA SLEEP THROUGH IT OR MISS IT THIS TIME (I missed a minor one yesterday, sadface D:) !!!!!!111!!!!!!!1"

I was so excited. XD I was like Dane Cook when he realized he was gonna see a guy get hit by a car. That's how excited I was. XDDDDD

And it was great. I'm sure once you have experience it's not nearly as awesome, but I thought it was sooooooooooo cool. :D




Onto other things. Last night I saw Marley and Me, and it was fantastic. I've never seen Owen Wilson in a role that wasn't ridiculous humor/slapstick, but he was so good. And Jennifer Aniston was great and it was just awesome. :) Definitely go see it.

I love my new roommate way more than I liked my old one. I think we may actually keep in touch after we go home. She's way cool.

Class is good...yeah. That's about all I need to say about class. But no. It really is. It was exciting because Marley and Me was dubbed in spanish, but I understood almost all of it. There were just a few things that I didn't know the specifics of, but I'm gonna have Maman mail the book and I'm sure I'll watch it again in English when I get home.

But seriously, if you have a dog, if you love dogs (or pets in general), you have got to see this movie. It's great. :)

Um...yeah. For those of you who follow my fics, I'm probably gonna have a new part of barcode up today and a holic oneshot up this weekend. :) So that will be great.

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So, I went to the Apple store to get Shin fixed. I managed the first five minutes in Spanish, the next three minutes in English, and then the guy and I ended up speaking in this really odd mixture of Spanish and English where he would ask "You necesita this ahorita?" And I would say, "Not ahora pero...soon?" And he would say, "Dos hours?" and I would say, "Si, esta bien, thanks."

Anyway, it was amusing.

But he replaced my hard drive, and now I have Leopard, which is kind of glorious, and 40 gig more of hard drive space, which is also glorious. :D

Spanish is going well. I'm beginning to understand things in general, more often. Not all the time, but...I can follow a conversation, for the most part. Which is cool. :D I'm hoping that understanding stuff will start to pick up as I gather more vocabulary; that seems to be my biggest problem now. I think I'm getting the hang of imperfect tense, thank god, and maybe para and por as well, and hopefully that indirect pronoun thing will just kind of randomly insert itself into my knowledge (the se la, etc. part before the verb is still a little confusing. D:

Hmm...tonight I saw the James Bond movie.

HOMG GO SEE IT. It's fantastic. It's just...fantastic. I would totally go gay for the chick in that movie, seriously; she kicked butt and she was beautiful and her voice was incredible. I love voices, the way they sound. Hers was lovely and low and feminine with a great accent...women with low voices are great. Like Rachel Weisz? She has such a low voice and yet she still sounds feminine. My voice is just a manvoice. XD Oh, and M was great in this one too. And James was exceptionally great; Daniel Craig is definitely my second favorite Bond. Sean Connery will always be first, though; you just can't beat Sean. You really can't. But Daniel Craig's fantastic. And hot. And he has the best blue eyes...dear Lord, the best blue eyes. I would very much like him to marry me. XD

But I digress. Anyway, it's awesome; go see it.

So. There's that...hmm...what else?

Tomorrow is Maree's 21st birthday; we're going to dinner and then dancing for it, so that should be fun. Whether or not I actually dance is up in the air, but I love to watch dancing, so it's okay. On Saturday I'm going to the ballet with a bunch of people too. I love watching good ballet; it's just gorgeous.

So that's the news from Lake Wobegon--er, I mean, San Jose. XD Not a whole lot going on; just kinda kicking back right now, I guess. I dunno.
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Post the first (few) sentences from the first entry for each month in 2007.

Went to the doctor two days ago, for the cough that hasn't gone away since October.

It's another bronchial infection...and if the cough doesn't go away in two weeks, there are three choices:

a) allergies
b) silent reflux disease
c) cough asthma

It's snowing again and I love it. I love it a lot. I even like the sound of the snowplows as they go by. It's super-cold, too, which is equally wonderful; hot tea, my down comfortor, and the snow outside. It's glorious.

I felt like writing Samurai 7. So I'm writing it. Entirely and completely unedited, typed directly into the livejournal text box. Read at your own caution.

So. In ninth and tenth grade, in HYC, there was a guy in choir who was a good friend of mine, and within the first two months of choir, I had a serious crush on him (he was eventually nicknamed by me and MBF as My Lovely Black, which is what I'll call him here).

I just finished Kimi wa Petto, which was really, really good. Not as good as Gokusen, I don't think, but still, very good. I kept wanting to read the manga but never got the chance. I'll definitely read it now. XD

I find myself feeling very lonely right now. I guess I need my friends...I'll talk to them at school. About how I feel.

I'm also having odd dreams. Creepy, disturbing odd dreams. I told gothsocks about them last night:

Oh, a little bit of squick here.

Tonight I watched this movie called The Stratosphere Girl, and then the Sixth Sense, and then Reservoir Dogs.

Holy shit.

Alaska was a lot of fun, I'll give you that. But we missed our connection in Denver by 10 minutes and didn't get home until 1:30, a full 14 hours after we were supposed to.

On the other hand, CompUSA gave up on my computer so now I have a brand-new MacBook instead of Anneliese. *happydance*

Maybe I've been paying attention or haunting different places online or something, but I've been seeing a lot of stuff about how awesome Trust & Betrayal (I don't remember how to spell the Japanese name, I don't care) is.

So, guess what I did today in swimming?

That's right, I broke my toe.

Sakura fucking rocks.

gacked from [ profile] celesia

01. Post this on your journal.

The Golden Compass was good. Even though it didn't live up to some of my hopeful expectations, the characterization of all the characters was excellent. Nicole Kidman was sooooo creepy, and everyone else was JUST as wonderful, if not more--Lee Scorseby and Iorek were fantastic.

So go see it.

nebulia out.
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Yesterday Maman, Dad, and I went to see Enchanted.

I really do recommend it. It's not serious, and plays fun at every animated Disney movie from the 40s, 50s, and 60s (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty) and the love at first sight thing, it makes fun of big choreographed numbers in animated movies where everybody knows the song, and it's generally quite silly. It was great fun--even Dad thought it was cute.

So if you're up to something lighthearted, go see it. It was awesome. :)

nebulia out.
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Forrest Gump.

And it's pretty awesome. Like a lot of awesome.

nebulia out.
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So I finally moved past my prejudice and got the two RK OVA soundtracks.

Beacause I love ALL the RK music. Though I feel many things about the animated forms of RuroKen, all of them unpleasant, I am exceedingly fond of the music. All of it.

And I have to say the only reason I watched Seisouhen past Kenshin leaving was because the music was so lovely. I really liked Tsuiokuhen's music, too.

Sometimes my unbelievable manga purism scares me. I was hanging out the The Evil Empire's forum for the most tragic manga deaths, and EVERYONE kept mentioning Kenshin. And I couldn't help but grind my teeth. MY Kenshin dies at the ripe old age of 95, surrounded by his many great-great-grandchildren, holding Kaoru's hand and doing the laundry at the same time. Screw realism. If Kenshin can jump four stories in the air and be three feet shorter than Aoshi on all the covers that feature them next to each other, then he can die like I want him to.

Some of the whole manga-is-God thing I think comes from being a book-over-movie purist my entire life. Harry Potter-blech. Eragon-shoot me now. The Chronicles of Narnia was okay but still not good.

There have only been five worthy book-to-movie adaptations ever: Mulan, because it was good, the 1982 Scarlet Pimpernel, because it really captured the essence of the book, the BBC Pride and Prejudice, because it was word-for-word, the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, because I thought it did a really great job of cutting down P&P into 2 hours, and it, too captured the essence of the book, and The Lord of the Rings, because it was WONDERFUL.

That's it. Howl's Moving Castle and Children of Men were both great movies in themselves, but so different from the books that I can't even compare the two, and off the top of my head, that's it as far as decent book-to-movies go.

Manga often end up being the same way. Lovely Complex is good, so is Loki, so is Damurai Deeper Kyo (for music and Kyo's very sexy voice actor if nothing else). Trinity Blood actually follows the books pretty well, but it's part of such a huge deal that it almost seems to be part of the canon itself, since there are books, manga, and anime, all covering, for the most part, different things. Ouran was hysterical but still not good enough, though I did like the way it swung HaruTamaki. Live action dramas tend to be okay, simply because they are always very, very different from the manga simply because of their format, and they're always fun and seem to capture the basic essence of the plot, but never try to stick to closely to it.

My favorite anime are actually the ones not based on manga: Samurai 7, Witch Hunter Robin, etc.

My favorite manga, other than Love*Com, seem to make awful anime. Let's not een talk about Angel Sanctuary, and you see how I feel about RK.

I comfort myself by saying that anime (and even movies for that matter) is really simply a giant work of fanon: fanfiction, fanart, AMV, and some original music, usually very good, all pulled together and with the author's permission. Like Les Mis, only Boublil and Schonberg, gods that they are, didn't get permission from Hugo.

And that's that.

nebulia out

good God.

Jul. 1st, 2007 01:39 am
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Tonight I watched this movie called The Stratosphere Girl, and then the Sixth Sense, and then Reservoir Dogs.

Holy shit.

First off all, if you want to see the most random, pointless movie ever, watch The Stratosphere Girl. It was hilarious. It was kinda intriguing at times, but it tried to be a lot deeper than it was. But it was seriously entertaining.

And of course the sixth sense is wonderful. I'd never seen Reservoir Dogs before, and it wouldn't be the type of film I'd usually like. But it was made by Quentin tarantino, and thus, it was great, even though my stomach's still churning a little from the whole cutting off the ear thing.

But anyway. Weird dreams tonight? Hell yeah.

nebulia out.
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Just watched Children of Men. Thank you thank you thank you to [ profile] la_pia, who told met go see it, because without her rec I wouldn't have done it. I'll have to pick up the book tomorrow as well.

It's fantastic, almost as good as Pan's Labyrinth. Go rent it. Now.

nebulia out.


May. 26th, 2007 10:40 pm
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Was great. I came in expecting not a lot, considering how much I disliked the second one (it was entertaining but I really didn't like it for some reason). But no. It really was a lot of fun.

Obviously, it's not a triumph of moviemaking. Please don't expect it to be. But it was a blast to watch. I totally want to get married the way Will and Elizabeth did. And considering I'm the only person in the world who ships WillElizabeth (mainly because I ship JackHimself (hey, it could be canon now!) and JackBarbossa), I was happy with how it turned out.

I was also fond of the way it went back to the beginning. even though there was a blatan chance at a continuation, it still seemed complete, because of the way it came full-circle, with eveything, from Will and Elizabeth's kiss at the end, to Jack's final words, to Jack's whole situation of him being away from his made things feel very complete.

They even managed to get every subplot fixed up. Even the dog's.

and Jack's father was amazing. Particularly because he was Keith Richards, but also because he was Jack's dad. I wished we could have seen more of him (sequel? Just about Jack's father? And how Jack's mother managed to become a shirveled dead tribal head?)

Anyway, I do recommend it. At least go rent it, but even--unless your theatre is exepnsive like mine--I'd say to go see it in the theatre. It's worth probably seven-fifty--but then, very few movies are worth nine dollars. *grrrr*

nebulia out.
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Watching Lion King II.

Pumbaa: "You can never tell on the outside which ones are gonna be the real slimy ones."

I.e. Scar? And Kovu?

And then I smacked myself. Because I found a metaphor in Pumbaa in the Lion King II.


nebulia out.
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There'd been a piece of something (not sure what it was) floating around my keyboard making it hard to type, and I finally pried my "a" key off and pulled it out and now I'm flying and fancy free or whatever that phrase is.

Went to see Peacful Warrior with gothsocks. It was really fun. The movie was good--not the best movie I'd ever seen, but incredibly fasincating, and it was a gymnastics movie, but the sports weren't too overpowering. The writers did great things with dream sequences and what happens in the mind and the lighting and cinematography were incredible. It was actually really pretty cool. The main character was hot, too. gothsocks and I mocked some and wowed others, and I spent a lot of it on the verge of tears. I do recommend go seeing it, but I wouldn't pay for an evening showing. I might go get the DVD, though, when it comes out. Because it really was good, and also because the old mentor guy (who, while being an old mentor guy, was not your typical old mentor guy) said some great, great things.

So yeah. Go see it.

I still need to see a lot of movies though--Pride, 300, In the Land of Women, Penelope, Amazing Grace, and Premonition are all on my list. The third and fourth ones I think I'll rent, because they've come out but not here in the midwest. I REALLY wanna see Pride...even though it's a sport movie, it's about swimming. Dad and I actually might go see it, I think.

So yeah. That's how we roll 'round here. Ados.

It's been windy/rainy around here all day. It's sunny now, but I don't think it'll last long--at least, I'm crossing my fingers. I want it to rain more, dammit!

nebulia out.


Feb. 25th, 2007 07:47 pm
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As of 7:47, Pan's Labyrinth has one award. Everyone else has none. 17 minutes in, and horrah!

As of 7:58, Pan's Labyrinth has TWO awards. Everyone else has none. 28 minutes in. YES!

As of 9:17, Pan's Labyrinth has three awards! Three out of three is pretty damn good.

As of 9:31, Pan's Labyrinth has not won the foreign film award, but still, 3 out of 4.

NOOOO! Dammit.
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Today, for the first time in three years, I hurt myself.

I mean...I rubbed an eraser onto my arm so hard that it left a burn and then I used a thumb tack to cut myself.

I went to CT today. And we talked. And it was good, but I can't seem to stop not wanting it. All of it. I'm not quite sure how else to put that--it took me an hour and a half to tell her everything.

And the thing is, I don't regret it. In fact, if using the thumbtack wasn't such a hassle, I'd do it again. I'll probably do it tomorrow.

...but I do feel guilty for not regretting it. And yet...


I saw Music and Lyrics today with Maman. And it really was adorable. Go see it. Hugh Grant is HAWT.


nebulia out.


Jan. 24th, 2007 03:23 pm
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Pan's Labyrinth got 6 acamdemy award nominations!

and Will Smith got nominated for the pursuit of happyness!


If you haven't seen either of these movies, go watch them. Now.

nebulia out.

Good movie

Jan. 20th, 2007 10:20 pm
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Just saw Pan's Labyrinth with GodBrother.

Very good. Dark fairy tale--rated R for language and pretty graphic violence--enough to make me wince, but not as bad as the Passion of the Christ. In Spanish, subtitled, and I really liked that--I heard an interview on NPR saying the director debated whether to put it in Spanish or English, and decided on Spanish because of the authenticity (it takes place in Spain) and the musicality of the language. I thought it was an excellent choice. Great music, great plotline, and an interesting philosophical question:

Spoilers! )

Great movie--I highly recommend it.

Have a super-fun idea for a fic, inspired by one of our group mimes today. Expect some soon.

Oh boy! And Trinity Blood just got interesting!

nebulia out.


Dec. 2nd, 2006 10:23 pm
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Just saw driving Lessons. An excellent movie; I enjoyed it a lot. But I love Rupert Grint. I don't love the HP movies, but I do love Rupert Grint...and it's beginning to prove that he and Emma Watson will get great roles in great movies, but Daniel Radcliffe isn't going to do very well 'cause he's such a huge role as Harry.

so I highly recommend Driving Lessons Go see it if you can.

nebulia out.
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And Jack and Rose just had sex.

I always thought it odd. Jack was quite obviously very experienced (hello? he was a starving artist in Paris drawing naked prostitutes. Of course he had sex) and Rose was the high-class woman who was probably a virgin. But she always seemed more on top of things than he did. I'm not sure what that says...perhaps Jack's love is so deep he's lost and Rose's is so deep she's found...because their whole roles in life are as they are, they're reversed with the passion of their love.

Sorry. That's incredibly sappy.

an hour later.

And the girls couldn't sleep. So after singing them every lullaby and then every mildy slow Christmas song I knew, they're now asleep and I'm watching the wedding singer. Because I really dislike watching the middle part of Titantic most of the time; it's soooo depressing. So unless I'm so depressed that I want to be more depressed or in the mood, I don't watch it. So it's the wedding singer for the next twenty minutes until Trinity Blood comes on, and then another hour until they get home.

fun stuff. I'm glad they're letting me hook up to their wireless. they're two really really cute girls (6 and 3). They're sweeties, and cute and cuddly. Fun to babysit.

quote of the post: "i need to get new elves." --santa in the black & decker commercial.

nebulia out.


Nov. 24th, 2006 08:08 pm
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FFN has been down for a very long time. Sometimes...gah! but I don't want to switch sites,, you know? I like getting feedback, and you don't get nearly as much feedback from or AFF or, for RK stuff, Meijitales.

Grr! And it's being mean to apples anyway! Grr! I hate you FFN! *digs out a rusty knife*

Presently watching The Last Samurai. Mmmm, it's good.

quote of the post: "--How many Indians>
--And how many men of Custer?
--Hmm. I like this Custer." --the last samurai

nebulia out.

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