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So, yes, even though I'm getting paid jackshit at work, I love it. And working on holidays is even better.


I get paid double.

I worked two hours tonight (there were three of us, so it didn't take very long). 26 dollars.

I am a happy nebulia. :)

nebulia out.
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started tonight.

I love it! It's so low-key, and I get to work with dogs, and clean, and be by myself, and I'm so excited! Yay!

I'm also exhausted. Tomorrow's thesfest, so I probably won't post again until I get back. see you sunday!

nebulia out.

Urk, Iowa.

Aug. 13th, 2007 03:43 pm
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Working down at the dealership again, at least until the decision for whether or not to sell comes through. But who am I to turn down busy work and ten bucks an hour?

It's been less humid the past few days, though no less hot. At least my glasses don't fog up when I walk outside, like they did last week and on Saturday. *sigh*

I am so tired. And I have voice lessons. And then the start of swim team. I hope to God I don't have to swim tonight; if I do, I'll say I have to leave for babysitting or dinner or something.

And then, the best part of my evening: MBF's coming over to hang out! Yay!

nebulia out.
nebulia: a nebula (take you home) I went to the eye doctor and got my contacts checked. My glasses have been wonderful since I got the new prescription filled, but my contacts have been horrendously blurry. However, I am now wearing my contacts and things are crystal clear.

I'm also getting my bangs trimmed this afternoon; this weekend they were getting very long, and very annoying, and Maman and I somehow decided it would be a good idea to try to trim them with kitchen scissors.

Ha. Ha.

Yeah. It didn't work out. So I'll be off to the salon soon to fix that.

I also need a job. I'm going to apply at Starbucks; their hours are very long so I'll be able to work weekdays even during swimming.

I keep putting this off, though. I'll pick up an application after the haircut.

Have an original story idea suddenly and powerfully haunting me.

I've become a huge fan or Cormac McCarthy after reading The Road, and so today at Barnes and Noble I picked up two more of his books. I think he's right now one of my favorite authors; he's wonderful.

So right now I'm reading Outer Dark, which is great and creepy at the same time. I like the name Rinthy, though. XP

Anyway...that's that. Later.

nebulia out.


Jun. 7th, 2007 10:48 pm
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I never, ever want a desk job.

Ten dollars an hour for four days is all good and well, but any longer and I think I'd puke. I haven't had time to write or think or anything, and as much as I don't mind busy work, I WANT LESS OF IT, DAMMIT!


Okay. I mean, it's not so bad. All the ladies in accounting are really nice and Dad took me out to lunch today and Tuesday.

But grrr. It's ridiculous.


and my butt hurts.

So that's that. As soon as tomorrow's done it's back to work on scriptfrenzy and sending my imagine article in (it's done! My career as a freelance writer is taking off!) and then it's the weekend and I'm cooking for gothsocks.

So just eight mor ehours and a therapy appointment (I still need a name for the new therapist, too...hmm...)

nebulia out.


Jun. 5th, 2007 09:34 pm
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Woke up this morning. Went swimming (for only 45 minutes, I woke up late. But it was nice--dad helped me write a workout so now I actually feel all right swimming, as opposed to before, where I was just like, meh. I want to be in better shape for swim season, so I can get that 7 minutes on my 500 I've wanted for 2 years). Took my godsister to gymnastics.

Then I drove down to Dewey Ford and spent the rest of the day scanning crap for my dad, getting 10 bucks an hour.

then I cooked dinner (yakisoba with beef--mom said it was good. Next time I'll use more sauce, more beef, less cabbage, and not cook the beef as long, but it tasted pretty good. I loooove yakisoba!). And then I went online. And here I am.

and I am exhausted. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, and even though work today (and tomorrow, and Thursday, and Friday...) is going to be nothing but busy work, I was still tired. It was okay, but I missed my intranets.

Oh well. 10 bucks an hour. Just keep telling yourself that...

nebulia out.
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Bad news: It rained all day. That would be very nice, but it's December 20. It was supposed to snow (at least in my mind), dammit!

Bad news: Quit my job today. It was affecting my grades and I need to play the field a little, try other stuff. It's kind of a rite of passage, but it's also a little sad. I liked being a disgruntled deli girl.

Good news: One day till break.

Good news: My altered book is done.

Bad news: I have tons of homework.

Good news: Anneliese can be fixed! In fact, I'm getting her tomorrow!

Bad news: I'm stressed.

Bad news: It's not snowing.

Bad news: I'm exhausted. I don't know if I'll ever be not tired again.

Do you see how this is?

And I quit my job. It's so...odd. But it's good. Now I just won't have any money anymore.

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Here it is!


I also reread Five Things that Never happened to Kamiya Kaoru and decided that it needs editing. Even in the few short months since posting that, my writing style has matured--I have matured--and some of it Happy endings are still appealing, but I also like the bittersweet, open ones. Sad endings are just sad.

I am fairly happy with Conversations at this moment, and it's pretty much all canon mangaverse, so it's not like I can go wrong with the plot there. Maybe I'll read it again in a few months, and I'll be like, 'whoa. this sucks.' And maybe I'll still like it. Who knows?

and my LJ posting thing is a bit different. I don't mind it; it's just odd. disorienting.


Worked tonight. Had two very kooky different groups, but one couple:

Lady: I want the potato with the chicken chili on it...

Me: Fiesta?

Man (At the same time as me): Fiesta?

Lady: YES! That's the one I want! With sour cream! and extra sour cream on the side! Lots of sour cream! I looooove sour cream!

Man: And I'll have the lite potato. Without sour cream. *chuckles*

Lady: No, you want the sour cream *emphasized* on the siiiiiide.

Man: huh--oooooh. On the siiiiiide. Yes, on the siiiiiide.

That woman was obsessed with sour cream. She even came up later for more.

and the other group was just funny, because they were talking about ultrasounds and how they could be wrong or right.

Man 1: Well, you know, Adam was supposed to be a girl...

Woman 1: That was 20 years ago, dear. I'm sure technology is better nowadays.

Woman 2: And so-and-so's kid is supposed to be a boy.

Man 2: Can't imagine 'em gettin' that one wrong.

Woman 1: No, sirree.

*all laugh*


quote of the post: see above.

nebulia out.


Dec. 6th, 2006 08:30 pm
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It's time to stock up on Mickey Mouse mattresses again, and I've discovered something good about it.

Dad will do just about anything to make sure I'm okay tampon-wise.

Need to stop at home to change it? Okay. Need hot chocolate 'cause it eases my cramps? Okay. Need to avoid a conversation because I'm leaking? Okay.

It amuses me.

On the other hand, it hit me today during school and by work tonight (which was okay. The Yahiko-brat-like-kid from Vacation Bible Camp was there again tonight (third time he's come in), only he was with his mother and the only thing that kept me from punching him was her and the cooler between us.) the cramps were bad enough that I was walking bowlegged. Fortunately, no one noticed.

But I have no acetomenephin (sp.). I left Maman a message 'cause she's at book club...sure hope she gets it. Oh good Lord...they hurt.

Got December Newtype. Yay!

quote of the post: "there cannot be a crisis next week. my schedule is already full." --henry kissinger

nebulia out.


Nov. 29th, 2006 09:59 pm
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I just lost The Game.


nebulia out.

ETA: Oh yeah. Work was pretty good, except CoolManager is leaving. *sadface* I have been writing like mad recently, a fic I started last Tuesday or so; it'll, probably be a long oneshot. It's pushing 3000 words right now, but it's further along than a lot of stuff I'm working on. It's half fun and half a character exercise; my goal is to make Tomoe the "villain" but still keep her IC (so she's really not a villain. She's just obsessively in love). Anywho, it's being really, really fun. If only NaNoWriMo had been this fun, I could have finished it. *sadface*

I work tomorrow too, and I have no idea when I'm going to do part of this project I've got due on Friday. I'm hoping libraries are open after eight, but I doubt it. I'll probably have to stop at Borders.

Meanwhile, I got a new debit card that's not working out, and it's pissing me off. I feel really morose right now, like a depressed mime. Not depressed, as in suicide, but, shucks. I gotta bring up my math grade. And I forgot my math textbook at school. And my debit card--we transferred all my cash to Maman's account after I lost my old card, and we transferred it back, but it's still saying insufficient funds. And the bank's "fixed" it three frickin' times. Jeez.

Stupid bank.

Stupid people.

Stupid capitalism.

I'm going to go be a socialist hermit who wires money from Bill Gates' account to buy books with my mad hacking skillz that I presently don't have. w00t.

Or I'll just fail at life.

See? Depressed mime all over.

nebulia out.
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I think FFN is back up! Whoopee!

And I'm definitely writing a Spirited Away fic because I'm rather troubled by the characterization of most of the fics in the fandom. And it would make a really good horror story. ;)

Babysitting job tonight, from six to midnight. Yay money! And I get paid on Wednesday, too, yay!

nebulia out.
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No school today--yay!

Cousins in town. From Colorado. I like my cousins. I actually like them a lot; they're pretty cool. My older cousin and I have, right now, the best relationship we've had in years, seriously. The past couple of years we've been pretty wary of each other, but now we're actually talking to each other. He's more cheerful now; for a while he was all emo-I-hate-the-world. My middle cousin--a girl--and I get along as always, despite the fact that I'm a total tomboy and she's punkpreppunk. A little bit prep, a little bit more punk, but not enough to dye her hair. My younger cousin and I are cool as always, so it's all good.

I work tonight. Fortunately, I work the end as opposed to orders, so I actually know what I'm doing. But then I don't work until next Wednesday, so that's good too. I think I need another job, but I'm gonna stick this out until at least the end of the semester. That's my goal.

NaNoWriMo is coming along, but I'm still horrendously behind. I'm working on thast as soon as I finish the post.
So that's next. I want to be at 35,000 words by the end of break. *crosses fingers* That's a little less than 5,000 words a day, but I've written that much in a day in the past, so I think I cana do it. Bring on the unimportant dream sequences and sappy romance flashbacks and random fandom charries!

yay. I got almost ten hours of sleep last night, so it's all good.

quote of the post: "sweet manatee of galilee!" --futurama

nebulia out.
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So I finally watched the only Miyazaki movie I've never seen: Spirited Away.

Sacrilege, right?

I love Ubada's sister. She's somethin' fabulous. And maybe I'll cosplay as No-Face. because that would be freakin' sweet.

But I missed Trinity Blood 'cause it changed times on me! AHHHH! *sobs* I'll never get to see it again at this rate. :(

But Spirited Away was fabulous. It beats out Howl's as my second-favorite Miyazaki movie. But Princess Mononoke is till the best movie ever.

And I've got to get the soundtrack.

Worked tonight. Agh. *sigh* It was tiring but not too bad, I guess. And I don't have to work until Wednesday after this, so that's all good. And there's no school on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, so yay!

And I got new icons! Yay! 2 S7 ones and an RK one! Yay!

nebulia out.


Nov. 15th, 2006 04:07 pm
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I worked last night. And the night before. And tonight. And tomorrow night. And there's school and homework andMolly got spayed today so Toby's a mess 'cause she's not around and agh! I'm going to go take a brief nap.


Nov. 13th, 2006 09:22 pm
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The Goddamn AP Euro project is done and turned in. Along with the 2.5+ jours I spent on it every night last week, I worked on it for 8 yesterday and two this morning. I didn't go to bed until 1 and was up at 4:30 to finish up.

Worked tonight. I thought I would pass out.

I have cramps. Shut up.

nebulia out.


Nov. 10th, 2006 05:49 am
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Work yesterday. AP Euro project still not done, but I got another extension until Monday. Yucky yucky. Work yesterday was okay; I go tpaid (only 20 bucks, though; after all, I'd only worked once within that pay period.

I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 'cause I'm getting trained in orders, but Maman is NOT happy about that. Actually, I don't think she knows yet, 'cause I told Dad and he probably didn't tell her, as she is sick like a dog.

Have recently had a desire to read post-canon RK angst fics. Hopefully that end happily, but either way, I guess. How weird is that?



It's gonna be amazing!

*victory dance*

nebulia out.
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I work tomorrow for the first time in, like, a month. Go me!

Maman is sick; she sounds dead.

Dad is being a bastard (no surprises there)

AP Euro is not as mind-nunbing as I thought it would be; I just hope I don't have any homework so I can finish the damn project tomorrow night.

Am going to post a [ profile] 101_kisses ficlet; I'll send the link when I do. Of course, I might do it tomorrow morning, instead, as I'm dead tired.

Movie Weekend with CBLL on Friday! Yay!, yeah. I got Samurai 7 volumes 6 and 7 but I don't think I'll be able to watch it until, like Sunday. Or next week. Gasp! I don't know if I can go that long! *dies* Six...episodes...left...

quote of the post: "when God parties, he drinks amadeo." --magistra InLoveWithFelixTheCat delivers another random funny.
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got paid tonight.

gosh, it sucks working on just weekends. but when you swim the same time you work, weekends are what you get, i guess. and i was way out of it tonight. but whatev. i got paid, even though it wasn't very much, it was enough to get mythical loki 3 and samurai 7 4.

homework: ish

swimming: tubed again today! fun!

and then sat out with the parentals and Auntie and Auntie's boyfriend and various family friends and watched the fire. the weather's perfect for it; it smelled really nice.


and the quote of the post has kind of died. Someday i'll bring it back, i swear.

nebulia out.


Sep. 30th, 2006 08:39 pm
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went to work and found out that the girl who i was supposed to be replacing today found her own replacement.


but i got five hours of time to watch grey's anatomy and generally procrastinate. now i'm watching i, robot, which is a very good movie. i think will smith is a great actor. he's pretty hot, too.

swimming this morning was pretty tough. but it was ok.

and i have craploads of homework. but that's ok too. having five hours to bullshit around made me feel better.

so anyway. anneliese is acting up. i think she's ok now, but i'm crossing my fingers.

my desk is in. we get in monday.

my crap-holder's in too; we get that monday, too.

yay! then mom finishes the curtains and we're done!

quote of the post: "sorry, i'm allergic to bullshit." --i, robot.

nebulia out.
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So apparently the only thing I was supposed to do at work today was wrap up pickles, because after wrapping 220 of them (hour and fifteen minutes) I was PE Buddy's sister's slave for an hour and a half, and then when she started her sidework I took over the end and basically did that until the end of the night (partially because, as BatBoy had the audacity to tell me--though it was true, I wasn't about to admit it, though--PEBuddy's Sister and PEBuddy and IHaveTheSchedule were all kinda slacking off. It was kinda funny though, and BatBoy and I bonded). Until OtherManager came up to me and told me that the front cooler broke again and Genki and I had to move everything to the walk-in in the back.


Speaking of, FFN sucks. Alerts are broken, you can't access stories from search or profiles, and people are updating!! Gah!!!!!!

Got an 86 on my AP Euro test; the teacher was being totally unreasonable. GAH!!!! I wish I had the God of History Teachers for AP I did last year. GAH!!!!

quote of the post: "i was searching/for some legal documents/as the rain beat down on the hood/when i stumbled upon/pictures i tried to forget..." --"title and registration," death cab for cutie

nebulia out.

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