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Yuuko sets down her spoon and fork and says, “I was to have two traveling companions, servants of mine if you will. But one took ill quite suddenly and the other insisted on staying behind to care for him.” She smiles the mocking smile again and beckons the servant to refill her goblet (for the sixth time, and they’re only on the second course). She giggles, and even that is elegant. “They have a deep connection. It’s a shame that they couldn’t be here.”

“Your servants are married to each other, milady?” Morgana asks curiously.

“They are not,” Yuuko says, “Just connected by the red thread of destiny.”

Merlin goes white. Arthur has discovered that Merlin hates destiny. “Destiny,” he says.

Yuuko finishes her wine and the servant hops up to pour another glass without her even asking. She swirls the wine in the glass, looking down at it for a moment, and then she smiles, slow and dangerous in a way that makes Arthur a little afraid for his sanity. “Destiny,” she affirms, voice low and full of certainty. “It is a fabulous thing, isn’t it? But there is not just destiny; there is fate, too—how some things are certainly to be, and how some things are not, and you cannot change that.” Her smile grows. “In my country, we call it

Merlin is looking at Arthur with a very certain Look on his face. When he catches Arthur’s eye, he mouths,
fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Arthur is suddenly inclined to agree.

Guys, it is Merlin/holic crossover because [ profile] sapphirestar_ just happened to put a Merlin icon up when she replied to a comment of mine and we had this big discussion and she's finally forced me into actually thinking about what would happen when Yuuko and the Great Dragon meet and WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING.

Someone stop me. PLEASE.

...or don't. I can't decide.


Dec. 31st, 2007 05:04 pm
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24-hour CSI marathon on Spike!


"Hey Nick?"


"I found a toupee! I think our vic might be bald!"

"Thanks. That will distinguish it from the other severed heads I find out here."

I love CSI.

nebulia out.
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fandom as drugs? yesplz )
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William Shakespeare

Beware the nebulia of March.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:


According to next week's previews, Sara survives! *excited* Hoorah!

You know, I really came into this premiere expecting her to die. I'm totally stunned.

nebulia out.


Sep. 27th, 2007 08:54 pm
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She's still alive! She's still alive!

Yes yes yes!

Of course, this means she could still die, but...YES!
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First of all:

Avatar, season three, episode one.

Is there any way for Katara to get more annoying? Don't get me wrong; I LOVE this show. I FREAKING LOVE IT so much. But God. She is annoying.

And Aang! I know capslock has been talking about it for ages but GOD! Can you be any more of a Zuko clone?

Still, though, I loved Toph. And Hakoda. And Pipsqueak and the Duke, and Zuko (lovelovelove) and Ozai, and Sokka, and TOPH! And even Azula was wonderfully creepy.

but SUCH a bitch.

Still. Season three has begun! My AWS is over! The ten months of fucking waiting are over! (I pity those fans in, like, Australia and Germany, though. Talking to some of them on capslock, they said s2 has barely begun. suckage, especially since all of us North Americans are like "OMG S3!!1!one!!!11"

But still. It's good that it's begun. And we get ten weeks of straight Avatar. Oh yeah.


I had my senior pictures taken today. Well, actually, I just had the outside ones taken because I got a huuuge misquito bite on my fucking eyelid and so we had to call it quits before we could do the inside ones. I'm really, really pleased, though. :) I can't wait to see how they turn out.

nebulia out.


Mar. 6th, 2007 08:26 pm
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Yes, it was for a reason, and yes, he's going to die in a year (CANCER AH!), but THEY KISSED!

quote of the post: "what are you gonna do? blindfold yourself and play pin the tail on the brain?" --foreman

nebulia out.


Mar. 6th, 2007 08:26 pm
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Feb. 22nd, 2007 08:58 pm
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Wow. Grey's Anatomy.

Suffice to say I cried more than once...Cristina and Meredith, Derek and Meredith, Denny and dylan and Meredith and the gang, but hardest during Denny and Izzy's final moment, and during Meredith and her mom: "You are anything but ordinary."

How wonderful. Such a great episode. I can't say anything about it. Oh my God.

nebulia out.


Feb. 15th, 2007 09:05 pm
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So says the entire country (my father included, lol):


Which was the part that made me happiest about this episode. I'm even gonna watch it again tomorrow.

Oh my God.


nebulia out.


Feb. 8th, 2007 09:07 pm
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I hooked my father onto Grey's Anatomy.


Speaking of Grey's, talk about a fantastic episode. Wow! And Meredith falling off? AH!

More and more I love Addison. And Alex. And Bailey.

Can't WAIT for next week!

nebulia out.
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George sticking up for Callie was great.

Cristina and Burke was adorable. "I'm not letting you scrub in tomorrow." "I'm not wearing a ring." *cue hysterical laughter* Such emotion from Cristina is great, and Sandra Oh does a great job of keeping her IC while doing it.

Meredith had, I think, the greatest performance ever in any episode. And then Ellis going...*sadface* I love Ellis even though she's a horrible bitch. I always feel bad for Webber, he got the worst end of the deal.

And GRRR! All the sexual frustration that Addison and Alex had was wasted by Addison sleeping with MARK! Grrr, sonuvabitch!

But it was good, anyway! It might be one of my favorite episodes of the season. Yay!

nebulia out.


Jan. 28th, 2007 08:01 pm
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Anyone watching the Masterpiece Theatre Jane Eyre miniseries?

True to the book, excellently acted, great cinematography. Try to watch it, please, if you can somehow get a hold of it.

I love Rochester and Jane. They're so much fun!

nebulia out.


Jan. 25th, 2007 08:05 pm
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Addison: I kissed Karev.

Callie: George has become a sex machine.

*both shrug*

And Bailey is opening a free clinic...or wanting to. I'm sensing epic House-esque refusals.


And then I'm all freaked out about the girl who's not pregnant.


Bailey: I'd like to open a free clinic

Shepherd: Why?

Bailey: Because I want to.

Classic Bailey.

And the racing guy did what I did last Saturday! And he's getting a cool knee brace! Oh, and the girl's parents are Amish!

And I loooooove Alex and Addison. Mark and Meredith were great too, and so was Addison and Derek's friendly bantering. And God, Cristina! You're taking this too seriously.

Feel kinda bad for Derek. Feel worse for Burke.

And that guy doesn't have waht I have. Damn. Of course, I would rather have what I have than what he has. XP


Ooh, and Derek's pissed at Meredith.

and Cristina and Callie bonding is great. I love Callie soooo much.

And why does Bailey want to open a free clinic? There's another reason for sure.

Yay, Bailey's gonna be chief!

Addison: Mark Sloan, Chief of surgery. That makes me vomit a little in my mouth.

I love Addison.

And I love Bailey.

And Izzie's found her cause!

And Burke just asked Cristina to marry him. And George saying, "I'm not gonna waste another second," and Callie thinking it's sex and George knowing it's not. YES YES YES YES YES YES GEORGE I LOVE YOU!!!

Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa. This is amazing.

And is the supervisor that the chief is making out with Mark Warner from House? Hmmm...

nebulia out.
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Ooh! George’s comment to Christina was brilliant—and then Alex stuttering about Addison and Christina thinking he was plotting something when they’d only just almost kissed…brilliant.

Addison and Callie being friends was interesting. I didn’t know they were friends. I liked it. I liked Callie pouring out her heart and Addison not paying attention, but then Callie returned the favor by listening to her. That was great.

Cristina is being totally childish, but it was totally funny.

And George’s brother farting and Callie and George trying not to laugh was great. I love Callie and George a lot.

Poor Bailey. Can’t help but feel sort of bad for her, especially because you could tell she was hurting for George. And poor George. I like him more and more with every episode—I think he and Alex have some of the most extensive character development.

And Burke and Cristina were amazing. Incredibly childish, but sooooooo funny.

And Alex needs to choose OB/GYN. Instead of plastics. Sloan’s an ass. And Addison’s way cooler. And Alex and Addison. NEED TO KISS! ARGH!!

Callie talking to Sloan was amazing. I love Sara Ramirez more than anything—she’s sooooo talented.

Meredith talking to Thatch was good—I felt as if they resolved some things as best they could. I liked Thatch offering that little piece of advice—I’m glad she accepted it with grace. Good Meredith!

Poor George. Having to let his dad go like that—but he and his family really pulled through. Giving George the call, even though they’d never done it before, was good. And all the interns plus Callie being there for him was amazing. Poor George, though—walking by them. Cristina going after George was fantastic—and the Dead Dads club was great. It brought tears to my eyes—Cristina was almost the most sincere I’ve ever seen her. George: “I don’t know how to exist in a world where my dad doesn’t.” Cristina: “Yeah, that never changes.” Beautiful. I loved it.

Yay for Heather!

YES YES YES YES! They kissed! Finally! YES!

And Derek and Meredith solving the snoring problem was great, too. I wonder when they’re going to start canoodling again, but I like that they’re not rushing, too—it’s nice that they’re being the real steady couple now.

Can't wait for next week. Callie in the teaser: "George has become a sex machine." I seriously burst into laughter.

nebulia out.


Jan. 11th, 2007 08:58 pm
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ARGH! They were this close! to kissing! This close! GRRR!

And Cristina really needs to get a grip. But her showing up at Burke's was great.

And Callie and George are back together! Yay!

And Izzie is super rich.

And there are ways to stop snoring, Meredith.

nebulia out.

Oh boy!

Dec. 19th, 2006 10:09 pm
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Saw House, M.D. tonight.

I could have a new obsession. *g*

Anneliese being a bitch. I'm pissed.

nebulia out.
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babysat tonight...the little girl who reminds me of GodSister and the boy who is creepily like Yahiko.

Boy missed his parents, girl was cute. We watched SpongeBob and then I put them to bed, and then I watched the new Zorro movie. Which, of what I saw, was decent. Antonio Banderas is HOT!

And now I just finished watching Trinity Blood. Amazing, as always. *dreamy sigh*

Also bought Grey's Anatomy, Season one. Yay! It makes me happy.

quote of the post: "the sad thing is that latin is the biggest class i have this year. latin!"

"oh? the sad thing is that latin is the smallest class i have, and it has 22 people!" --CaesarKid and i debate the pros and cons of latin class.

nebulia outl.

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