Nov. 4th, 2007 10:03 am
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The girls won state!

By 198 points!

It was awesome!

And Alexa--she broke the 100 Fly state record by 2 FUCKING SECONDS! You don't break records by TWO SECONDS! You break them by 2 hundredths of a second, dammit!

It was AMAZING. We set 5 new state records out of 12 and we have I think two other state records already.

Yeah. Awesome. I just wish I could have been there.

nebulia out.
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ugh. Sooooo tired.

TP'd the girls going to stte last night--got like 4 hours of sleep. It was a lot of fun (I loved it! I felt like Santa, only more awesome!) Not feeling well on top of it.

Opening night was tonight--it went pretty well. I got flowers! *happy*

NaNoWriMo is going well--right now I'm a little behind, but not like I was last year. Not to mention that I've got some momentum going. I feel pretty good about the story, actually.

And I got a job! At the vet center I applied to last week! I start on Thursday!



nebulia out.
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So today's the last conference meet I'll ever have.


I don't think it's quite set in yet, actually. I mean, at some point I think I'm going to cry about it, but at the same time, I keep thinking, "there's always next year," but, of course, there isn't.

I just can't believe it went by so fast.

I'm not so much scared of change, especially with this year, but I'm more sad that this is ending. It might not be the end of an era to anyone else, but it's the end of an era to me. :(

nebulia out.
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swim meet last night in marshalltown.

We won, both Varsity and JV. I dropped 3 seconds on my 500, despite the fact that I was (and am) running a fever, have a nasty cough, am congested like whoa, got my second gardasil shot on Wednesday and my arm's still stiff and achy, and generally feel like crap.

I mean it was a good meet. But you can tell we're all getting tired; on the bus ride home our entire bus fell asleep, I kid you not. It was totally silent. That never happens. We always talk all the time.

We got home at 11; I went home and was in bed by 12. My bed was wonderful and nice and warm and stuff and so I slept until 7. It was really, really nice and warm. Even though I should have been up by six. At least.

So that's that.

Oh, it was the most comfortable my bed's been in a loooong time. *dreamy sigh*

nebulia out.
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I had a dream that I was driving, and you know how some cars have digital speedometers so instead of having one of those dial things the dashboard actually reads '28 mph' or whatever. Well, I dreamt that my car had one of those, only instead of for speed, it was for the amount of gas in my car. It had bright red letters, and it read '-5'. And I knew I had to get gas.

And I had this dream because I have been horrendously low on gas for the last couple of days, and I filled up tonight, but I was glad school is less than two miles away.

The toe is purple-red today and doesn't hurt nearly as bad. There's still a bruise on the top of my foot, and it's still dark blue, but my toe looks better. As my swim coach said, "It looks like a toe today!"

The head coach was like, "huh?"

And my coach said, "Yesterday it looked a bit like plastic. Or Iceland. Or Sicily. We couldn't decide" at the same time I said, "It looks like a toe, as opposed to sausage."

The head coach was amused. And surprised I had a broken toe.

The head coach is really, really weird.

nebulia out.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 09:21 pm
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My toe. It is camoflage. It is purple and flesh-colored camoflage with some blue on the top of my foot. This is ridiculous.

Swam the 50 tonight--did really well. Swam the 500, and came out crying because it hurt so bad to push off. On the other hand, I only added a second, so that was okay. Because I was in total agony. Also swam the 100 in the 4x1, and it was unimpressive.

But my toe! Seriously! It hurts sooooo fucking bad. It is a toe. It shouldn't hurt this bad.


nebulia out
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So, guess what I did today in swimming?

That's right, I broke my toe.

It's the second one on my right foot. I have really ugly, short, stubby toes (and little to no toenails), and the big toe is like six times the width and considerably longer than any of the other. But now my second tow is longer than the first and instead of being like five times skinnier, it's roughly the same size as my big toe. It's also a nice purple color. Actually, the bottom half is purple, the third quarter of it is red, and the top is really pale.

Anywho, I'm kind of surprised. I mean, I was diving off the side of the pool and I slipped and it just kinda...cracked or something. It hurt really bad, and then it kind of faded, and after that 50 I was like, "Oh, okay, it's fine."

Two 50s later I was like, "Hoshitithurts." I finished the last half hour of practice, though, because I've got a meet tomorrow, but it was like I could feel it swelling. I mean, it just hurt worse and worse as practice went on, and when it was done, I had two big toes.

Still not as bad as that skiing accident in Utah when I bruised all the bones in my thumb and sprained both joints, though. Even walking is less painful than that was. Just thinking about that makes my thumb hurt.

I'm kind of surprised, because it's such a little thing. I mean, I have toes of steel. Both feet have been stepped on by horses more times than I would like to count, I have slammed toes in car doors at least four separate times in my memory(two of those times were in ballet slippers and once I was barefoot), and my feet have been run over by cars twice, once while I was in stocking feet, once while I was in a pair of ratty tennis shoes with my toes and heels sticking out. I mean, my mom can stub her toe and it'll swell up like a balloon. Somebody can drop four textbooks on mine and then put it through a food processor and it'll be fine.

But no, it's definitely not fine.

I'll ice it and tape it and stuff; I mean, what's a doctor gonna do other than that? I've got plenty of tylenol on hand; I'll be fine.

But it does hurt...*sigh*

nebulia out.
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Swim meet tonight.

Dropped 15 seconds on my 500.


*off to the hot shower*

The weather's been wonderful the past couple of days--cool, in the 60s and low 70s. I LOVE it. A lot. :)

nebulia out.
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play audition tonight. It went okay, a little better than okay, I guess, but not perfectly. I was pretty happy though.

I really want to get a big part this year; I don't want to be either of the leads but I do want to be their mother. I actually have a chance, for once. XD Being a senior and all.

Callbacks are tomorrow, so I'm crossing my fingers.

In other news, I finally finished the oneshot! YES! So now, I'm editing, and then I'll post it here, and then I'll edit some more, and then it goes to FFN.

I deleted "One Taco Short of a Combination Plate" because it was a piece of crap. It was a TON of fun to write, but, like the Finding NemoRK crossover (In which Kenshin, a single dad, has a fight with his son, who then promptly gets kidnapped, and so to find him he teams up with an amnesiac shihandai who's been kicked out of her dojo, a bunch of nomad rebels (two with spiky hair), and a chain-smoking policeman and his two sidekicks who refuse to use a sword to save him), and the three thousand words of nothing but Kamatari and Misao talking, it doesn't deserve to be online.

It was fun, though.

Swimming was okay tonight, but yesterday it was BRUTAL. My thighs are unbleievably sore. *sigh* Moving, let alone walking, kicking, or getting out of the pool, is a huge effort. As soon as I post I'm going to a hot shower, which I may never come out of.

And yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition. I'm in too much pain to care.
nebulia out.
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And then when school starts I get bombarded with fic ideas.


Or, worse, little scenes with very, very vague plot around them that I think would be interesting but I have no clue what the plot is.

And I have AP Chem to do.

Rg. School's okay, I guess. I've only got seven classes instead of eight and that's actually kinda nice. Swimming last night was totally brutal, so I'm incredibly sore and instead of having an eighth hour, I got to take a nap. It was exceedingly pleasant. XD It's amazing what an extra 43 minutes can do to lengthen your day.

gothsocks and I have communication problems. I'm taking HLBF and Gymnast out to the lake this weekend, and possibly gothsocks too, so we can hang out. And then I babysit on Saturday, and then the godfamily's coming to the lake too.

Money, say hello to your new owner: the gas station. Choir retreat was last weekend. I had to drive to Newton--50 miles--on Friday, drive home for swim team on Saturday, drive back after practice, and drive home again on Sunday. Consequence: I was running on fumes when I pulled into the gas station today.

And it's 4 more 40-mile trips this weekend to the lake and back. After this, I'm totally broke. On the plus side, I'll probably get to work next weekend, so I might be able to get some money for real again. I still owe Maman for the con, too.

Oh, yeah. But gothsocks and I. And communication problems.

I chalk it up to 50% our mental instabilities, and 50% adolescent angst. And PMS. But more often than not, we seem to think the other one is angry at us, and so we feel bad and think because she's ignoring me, she wants me to ignore her. And vice versa. It's a vicious cycle, I tell you.

But we might have it sort of worked out. I really hope she can come out to the cabin, though I love HLBF and Gymnast. I just want gothsocks and I to be pals again.

HLBF invited me to go riding with her sometime, which was really exciting. I can't wait for that.

So, that's that.

And a long post that wasn't supposed to be that long. And I have to go do homework now.


nebulia out.
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Orange and Black meet was tonight and I dropped 21 seconds on my 500! Yay! I now have a 7:44:42; I have to bring that down to...let's say a 7:14. Thirty seconds to drop in the season seems reasonable. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, that was good.

Still more homework. I shall die soon. *sigh*

Anyway, that is what's going on. I am going to shower.

Because I need to.

Am now also co-maintainer (?) of [livejournal.com profile] capslock_manga, which means that you should check it out. It be tons of cool and made of awesome (andalotofcrack!shhh). If you do, I'll give you the intranets.

nebulia out.
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Please, please, please do [livejournal.com profile] spook_me! This is a Halloween spooky stories challenge. Signups start today, at the website, so please check it out! I did it last year and it was fun. XP

School started today...I already have a crapload of homework, so online may be GOOONE if I want to survive senior year. 169 days left, give or take a few. *agony*

I realized something recently. I like spending time with my dad. With Maman, we talk all the time, but with Dad, we don't talk as much, though we do talk. I like talking to Dad, for the most part. We think alike, and it's a lot of fun. Yesterday we went to lunch and then watched 300, which we both really enjoyed, despite the gratuitous sex scene in which Leonidas has a crapload of stamina. But we had a lot of fun. I love hanging out with Dad; I want to do it more often. On the plus side, he might come to Rome with the Latin trip, which would be great fun. I'm so excited for this year, despite the massive class attack. It will be a good year, I think.

They play, as I said I would talk about it, is A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, based on the story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It's going to be really cool, I think. I'm excited for that, too.

Time trials are over. My goal this swim season is to lose weight. I am SOOOO fat.

nebulia out.
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Dad and I went to the fair to see Don MacLean--the guy who wrote American Pie and a trillion other fantastic songs.

It was a free concert, and it was fantastic. He sang a lot of his own stuff, and a lot of other stuff: Buddy Holly, Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, Ray O-something-or-other...and, of course, American Pie. It was a lot of fun. We had a great time.

Dad and I don't like the fair very much--it's dirty and loud and everything. But we got ice cream, rode the double ferris wheel, and had the concert. And that was pretty much all we needed of the fair. It was a lot of fun.

Dad and I were supposed to hang out today, too, after we went to work, but then I still have swim team at 5 despite having time trials this morning. *grrr* I be angry. So we'll hang out tonight and tomorrow morning, I guess. This'll really be the last time we can hang like we have--we've always done it the day or two before school starts.

On the other hand,Paolo Nutini is coming to the Val Air Ballroom on October 13, and gothsocks and I are definitely going. Yay! I'm so excited! It sounds like Frenchie might go too, so it'll be fun.

Still have 2 AP Lit books to read. Gah!

nebulia out.
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You Are 56% Emo

You're not emo, but you're plenty thoughtful, unique, and even a little angsty.

That's okay.

Bad news: Yesterday, I hit Wags' car (that my dad was driving) as I backed out of the driveway to swim practice. The entire side of Minerva is horrendously dented, though she's driveable. It's going to cost me an arm and a leg to fix her.

Dad was pissed, but not as pissed as I thought he'd be. He's pretty forgiving about it, for the most part.

Good news: Swim team started. The new JV coach actually treats us like we're human, which is a relief. He's pretty cool. Dad played water polo against him, and said he did a lot of dope. I like him anyway. He's okay.

Good news: My article for Imagine is definitely going to be in! It's all finalized and everything, I just need to send in a picture. It'll be in Imagine magazine in the November/December 2007 issue. I'm so excited!

I hurt, but it's wonderful. I love swim team so much. XP

That's that.

nebulia out.

Urk, Iowa.

Aug. 13th, 2007 03:43 pm
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Working down at the dealership again, at least until the decision for whether or not to sell comes through. But who am I to turn down busy work and ten bucks an hour?

It's been less humid the past few days, though no less hot. At least my glasses don't fog up when I walk outside, like they did last week and on Saturday. *sigh*

I am so tired. And I have voice lessons. And then the start of swim team. I hope to God I don't have to swim tonight; if I do, I'll say I have to leave for babysitting or dinner or something.

And then, the best part of my evening: MBF's coming over to hang out! Yay!

nebulia out.


Jun. 5th, 2007 09:34 pm
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Woke up this morning. Went swimming (for only 45 minutes, I woke up late. But it was nice--dad helped me write a workout so now I actually feel all right swimming, as opposed to before, where I was just like, meh. I want to be in better shape for swim season, so I can get that 7 minutes on my 500 I've wanted for 2 years). Took my godsister to gymnastics.

Then I drove down to Dewey Ford and spent the rest of the day scanning crap for my dad, getting 10 bucks an hour.

then I cooked dinner (yakisoba with beef--mom said it was good. Next time I'll use more sauce, more beef, less cabbage, and not cook the beef as long, but it tasted pretty good. I loooove yakisoba!). And then I went online. And here I am.

and I am exhausted. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, and even though work today (and tomorrow, and Thursday, and Friday...) is going to be nothing but busy work, I was still tired. It was okay, but I missed my intranets.

Oh well. 10 bucks an hour. Just keep telling yourself that...

nebulia out.
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Started swimming for fun this morning at the club.


Had the AP Euro test from hell today. I mean, my AP teacher is God of Gods, but it was hard. Incredibly hard. My brain is still leaking out of my ears.

Eight days without cutting! Whoopee!

The magazine is also up and running, hooray. Well, not up and running, but we had the first meeting today, which is very, very good. So that's how we roll around here.

It looks like rain, it smells good, it's in the 50s...I love this weather. I hope it actually gets around to raining, but this isn't too bad.

And I have five math assignments to do and an essay to write, so I away!

nebulia out.
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I hate my mother. She's being a bitch, and it's making my life suck. And she hates me for letting her know her decsisions for me are screwing up my life.

Still no internet upstairs, and still no hope for my parking situation.

Yeah, I'm not having a bad day. I'm having a bad life.

In other news, GermanPickle's Halloween party was tonight. Lots of fun, and a bunch of bonding (and "Who's gonna be captain?" discussion) with Frenchie. I love Frenchie.

nebulia out.
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Conference meet last night.


It was in Ft. Dodge--2 hours away--and at first we thought it was gonna be 6 hours long (that's not bad, but it started at 5, which put us home at 1). But it ended up only lasting about 4, so it was okay. We were home around 11:15, so that was all good. Though I was exhausted on 5 hours of sleep and a scrappy night.

Added 8 seconds to my 500.

But the 100 breast was the worst part of the night, and possibly made yesterday one of the worst days of my life.

Turns out, at the coach's meeting before the meet, they revised the lineup in the 100 breats 'cause they added one girl who was faster than me. So, instead of being in heat 3 lane 8, I was changed to heat 2, lane 4.

Of course, though, they don't give a revised lineup to the swimmers, or the timers, just the coaches. Now, the timerrs are God. The timers should have the most updates lineups, because we, as the swimmers, listen to the timers. Not the announcer, and out coaches aren't necessarily contacting us while we're on the block.

So, when my name is announced, it's s huge shock. Actually, I wasn't paying attention, nor were any of my frineds, because I was a) too busy getting ready for my race, and b) I was confident in the fact that the lineup said I was in heat 3, lane 8, because that was what the timers had.

So all of a sudden, I was being yelled at to get up on the blocks, by my parents and the coaches.

This sudden shock, and some embarrassment, the frustration of my crappy 500 (and the consequential urge to do really well here), and surfing the crimson tide had me tearing up right then.

So all of my friends, you know, Frenchie, GermanPickle, N2T, and a few others are back there, and so they follow me. But just as the guy says take your mark (while I'm still putting on my goggles), they start yelling, "Step down! Step down!" because my name isn't on the timer's sheet.

Of course, as soon as I do that, the coaches are all, "What are you doing?" and I just start sobbing.

As an aside, I hadn't cried like that for a looooooonng time, and I'd never cried like that in public.

So I'm trying not to cry and consequentially hyperventilating, and the coaches are trying to fix it and "it's not your faulting"-me and I'm all, "I don't want an excpetion made 'cause I messed up," and the coaches and Frenchie and GP are all, "But you didn't mess up!" (though I did, a little--I should have been paying attention) and then Head Coach comes over and says, "You're in the next heat. Lane one."

The next heat is the first varsity heat. I was all, "No way."

But Frenchie convinced me to swim, and I did, and I got a 1.32.70-something, and when I finished I started crying all over again.

So the other assistant coach comforted me then (even though I was all wet and she wasn't), and then Frenchie, and then flutist...

And then I had to go and swim the 100 free in the 4x1.

It wasn't the swimming, so much, as a) the humiliation of swimming in a varsity heat when i'm obviously not in varsity, and then the b) humiliation of crying long and hard in public. I mean...it's just embarrassing, you know? You don't like to cry in public. You either get sympathy and all the attention, or you get laughed at. And when I'm crying, I just need someone to sob to, even if they haven't a clue what I'm saying, and that's it. I don't like crying in public.

So yeah. A crappy night.

I was cheering, and trying not to cry and making those gaspy,, sobby, throaty sounds in your throat is really bad for your voice, I learned, and I was already losing my voice, so now I have no voice. But it's a cold--a deep chest cold where I'm coughing up little fuzzy yellow things. And MBF was gone from school today, and she has the same thing, and told me I should go see the doctor, because she had to get a prescription medication for it.


but I got Anneliese back, and that almost makes everything okay, you know?

And the conference meet was still fun, in a weird way. It's kind of hard to explain; but, when I wasn't feeling crappy we were telling jokes and swapping dog stories (the dogs are getting REALLY funny, btw, Toby drinks out of our fountain by standing on his hind legs, and Molly gets on the couch, and they both can get on the couches now and they're so silly, but they come when they're called so they're getting better.).

Today we moved creative writing class into the new wing, and I had to carry this giant life-size cactus. I named it Ambrosius and and going to talk to it every day in class now.

and I have anneleise back! Yay!

quote of the post: "remember bob. just remember bob." frenchie has decided that the joke "what do you call a man with no arms and no legs floating in the ocean? bob." fixes everything.

nebulia out.
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Shaved my legs for the first time since the beginning of the season. it was amazing, really it was. my legs feel so nice now.

conference tomorrow. it will be hell, but i'll tell you about that on friday.

it's that time of month, i'm getting a cold, alosing my voice, and aquiring an ear infection. fun!

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