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I <3 Watanuki & Doumeki's winter coats. I want one...waah!

And now:

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About eight months ago, I posted this: Such a Loss, about Samurai 7. It was a freewrite, typed directly into the Post and Entry box here on lj and completely unedited.

Guess what. I'm doing it again.

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I felt like writing Samurai 7. So I'm writing it. Entirely and completely unedited, typed directly into the livejournal text box. Read at your own caution.

Such a Loss )

This has the possiblity of becoming a drabble series, maybe. *huggles KatsuKirara* I like this pairing so, so much.

Meanwhile, we got out early today and now it's practically a whiteout! It's really cool; I'm happy.

But my computer isn't connecting to the internet, grr...

nebulia out.
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Just watched Samurai 7 6&7 with GodBrother.

Nooooooo! They killed my Hei-chan! And Kyuzo! And Kikuchiyo! not to mention Gorobei, who died a long time ago, but THEY'RE ALL DEAD! *sob*

On another note, it was still fabulous. GB and I ranted about how Kirara was idiotic and lusting after Kambei (and then the water pendant turned all muddy) but when Kastu-noji was making out with her (or attempting to) it was shiny. (Of course that could have just been it turning muddy, but I'm not going to think that). I'm still thinking I'm a Katsushiro/Kirara fan all the way.

But it was good, and GB lent me Sprited Away (EEE!) and the first season of Weiss Kreuz, which is very good, too! Yay!

And Samurai 7 is still my favorite anime ever.

nebulia out.
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I work tomorrow for the first time in, like, a month. Go me!

Maman is sick; she sounds dead.

Dad is being a bastard (no surprises there)

AP Euro is not as mind-nunbing as I thought it would be; I just hope I don't have any homework so I can finish the damn project tomorrow night.

Am going to post a [ profile] 101_kisses ficlet; I'll send the link when I do. Of course, I might do it tomorrow morning, instead, as I'm dead tired.

Movie Weekend with CBLL on Friday! Yay!, yeah. I got Samurai 7 volumes 6 and 7 but I don't think I'll be able to watch it until, like Sunday. Or next week. Gasp! I don't know if I can go that long! *dies* Six...episodes...left...

quote of the post: "when God parties, he drinks amadeo." --magistra InLoveWithFelixTheCat delivers another random funny.
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Wow. Just got back from our matinee and night show. It went really well, but I'm exhausted. I was at school from 11:30 to 10:30. AHHH!

Samurai 7 volume 5 was fabulous, but WHY OH WHY DID IT HAVE TO END THERE? I mean, whiat is with ending episodes (particulalry volumes and seasons) on CLIFFHANGERS!? ARGH!!!!!

Sheesh. Just as Kambei's about to get his head cut off (but you know he won't; he's got something planned) and I'm thinking, "Oh, Katsu, for once, please don't show up and save the day JUST yet; wait two minutes, please!" It ends. Jeez.

Any Anneliese smells like bad tootsie rolls, which bothers me. I hope it goes away; it's been smelling bad in the drama area because of the play and none of us notice until we're somewhere else. *Sigh*

Started a samurai 7 catching up in NaNoWriMoness but I'm not going to worry about being not-too-severely behind until Thanksgiving. If I churn out at least 1000 words a day until then, I'll be happy.

nebulia out.

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