Oct. 21st, 2009 04:46 pm
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possible H I A T U S 
21 October 2009 to 25 October 2009

Am visiting MBF in Rexburg this block break...I'm going to be on a greyhound and then at her apartment. I dunno if I'll have connection, though my computer will be with me. So, if I'm not around for the next few days, that is why. :) I will see you Sunday for sure though. 
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H I A T U S 
11 August 2009-17 August 2009

AnimeIowa is upon us and I am not yet finished with cosplay! AAAAAHHH! And then the weekend is the con, so I will probably have access to the internet...doesn't mean I'll be using it. xDDDDD So I will try to keep up on my flist, but if something important happens, I might miss it. >.> Sorry 'bout that...just let me know or something. 


I will see you on Monday! 

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H I A T U S 
11 August 2009-17 August 2009

AnimeIowa is upon us and I am not yet finished with cosplay! AAAAAHHH! And then the weekend is the con, so I will probably have access to the internet...doesn't mean I'll be using it. xDDDDD So I will try to keep up on my flist, but if something important happens, I might miss it. >.> Sorry 'bout that...just let me know or something. 


I will see you on Monday! 

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Changed my layout a couple days ago. We have moved from MirrorMask to Delacroix and Hugo. xD It's also, IMO, easier to read. And easier to decipher my flist to boot. xD

Um. Not much going on. I've been really lonely and down recently, and then realized that I've been forgetting to take my meds. So hopefully remembering those will help me feel a bit better. Gymnast is coming over tonight too, so that will be fun. I can't wait until she gets here.

was thinking about that, actually, my names for my friends. MBF and HLBF (MormonBestFriend and HorseLoverBestFriend), haven't changed, thank God. But DrumMajor is no longer a drum major and Gymnast no longer a gymnast. gothsocks changed her name so many times that I just eventually stopped, because it was confusing. xD And then I realized I haven't really talked of my friends a lot recently. I blame Costa Rica, I was kind of out of the picture.


Today, at 8:30 this morning, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously voted to


I'm SO HAPPY!!! Guys, it's awesome! It goes into effect in 3 weeks and IA will be only the fourth state in the country to do it, after Massachusetts and California (and they struck it down fuck you prop 8) and Connecticut, and it's IOWA. MY state! I'm so happy!!!!! My little, hickish, 3 million people, farming, mixed-up-with-Idaho-and-Ohio-all-the-time state. WE DID IT!!!! :DDDDDD

If there's any external event that could pull me from depression, for at least a while, this is it. There are not words for how happy I am. :D

This is the most wonderful thing ever.
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Apparently it was a mag. 6.2, and now all of San Jose (including Alajuela and Heredia), is on red alert. And no one is allowed to go upstairs. And the study abroad office (which has better internet than the university) is closed. D:


I was lying on my bed watching FMA eps that I'd downloaded a million years ago (read: they were like early first season XD) and suddenly the window started shaking and I thought it was a car or something but then everything began shaking and I was like "HOMG IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE AND I'M NOT GONNA SLEEP THROUGH IT OR MISS IT THIS TIME (I missed a minor one yesterday, sadface D:) !!!!!!111!!!!!!!1"

I was so excited. XD I was like Dane Cook when he realized he was gonna see a guy get hit by a car. That's how excited I was. XDDDDD

And it was great. I'm sure once you have experience it's not nearly as awesome, but I thought it was sooooooooooo cool. :D




Onto other things. Last night I saw Marley and Me, and it was fantastic. I've never seen Owen Wilson in a role that wasn't ridiculous humor/slapstick, but he was so good. And Jennifer Aniston was great and it was just awesome. :) Definitely go see it.

I love my new roommate way more than I liked my old one. I think we may actually keep in touch after we go home. She's way cool.

Class is good...yeah. That's about all I need to say about class. But no. It really is. It was exciting because Marley and Me was dubbed in spanish, but I understood almost all of it. There were just a few things that I didn't know the specifics of, but I'm gonna have Maman mail the book and I'm sure I'll watch it again in English when I get home.

But seriously, if you have a dog, if you love dogs (or pets in general), you have got to see this movie. It's great. :)

Um...yeah. For those of you who follow my fics, I'm probably gonna have a new part of barcode up today and a holic oneshot up this weekend. :) So that will be great.



Oct. 22nd, 2007 03:02 pm
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Guys. This is fucking awesome. Seriously (thanks, [ profile] aermateria, for mentioning it)!

How cool is that?

nebulia out.
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First of all:

Avatar, season three, episode one.

Is there any way for Katara to get more annoying? Don't get me wrong; I LOVE this show. I FREAKING LOVE IT so much. But God. She is annoying.

And Aang! I know capslock has been talking about it for ages but GOD! Can you be any more of a Zuko clone?

Still, though, I loved Toph. And Hakoda. And Pipsqueak and the Duke, and Zuko (lovelovelove) and Ozai, and Sokka, and TOPH! And even Azula was wonderfully creepy.

but SUCH a bitch.

Still. Season three has begun! My AWS is over! The ten months of fucking waiting are over! (I pity those fans in, like, Australia and Germany, though. Talking to some of them on capslock, they said s2 has barely begun. suckage, especially since all of us North Americans are like "OMG S3!!1!one!!!11"

But still. It's good that it's begun. And we get ten weeks of straight Avatar. Oh yeah.


I had my senior pictures taken today. Well, actually, I just had the outside ones taken because I got a huuuge misquito bite on my fucking eyelid and so we had to call it quits before we could do the inside ones. I'm really, really pleased, though. :) I can't wait to see how they turn out.

nebulia out.


Sep. 11th, 2007 10:07 pm
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Conversations got nominated for an RKRC award.


I'm happy but whoa. Wasn't expecting it at all.


nebulia out.
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I am now a beta, to The Alchemist's Daughter, for her RK fic Tokyo Nights, which is an absolutely lovely AU in which Kaoru is a) IC, b) the true main character, and c) kicks ass.

It's so rare to find anything, especially an AU, with all three of these traits. Sometimes Kaoru is IC, but usually it's in genfic featuring Kenshin and she never gets to do anything (which is my only problem with the actual canon--the fact that Kaoru's always the cheerleader, when it's obvious she can (and has in the past) take care of herself). Sometimes Kaoru kicks ass, but then she's OOC.

But no, it's a wonderful story, and I'm honored to beta it.


Got the Witch Hunter Robin OST for 7.99 yesterday. *happydance*

I'm really liking CC and class and people. Everyone's nice, and fun to hang out with--I've got some people I'm closer to than others, but I talk to everyone.

I'm even on my period and okay. I'm actually managing to stay ahead of the pain as far as cramps go, except for when I wake up in the morning (or, sometimes, at night in agony).

It's good. It's all good. I'm pretty happy.

nebulia out.

Good day

May. 29th, 2007 05:44 pm
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Today I got a response back from Imagine about a query letter I sent them, and it was positive!

I'm so excited--Melissa Hartman, the editor, sounded really positive about it. :)

I also got all my information about my classes at Colorado College, which is good. I'm happy about that, too.

We finished filming for my Latin project--my partner and I may put it up on's kinda entertaining. XP

So today, despite my lack of sleep, it was okay. I feel pretty good. Also, gothsokcs might spend the night Thursday--yay!

nebulia out.
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Tonoght at play practice I had a huge fight with a girl I've known since seventh grade. I've never really liked her, though most of the time I've been mildly friendly towards her, even though I think she's a self-righteous kind of girl and she dresses far too risque for her size--it's not that she's fat, but she's tall and has some meat on her and is really sort of pretty, but...she shouldn't be wearing skirts that short. So, more like she needs to stop deluding herself and wear a size bigger.

But I digress. My problem with her is not her fashion sense. It's the fact that she's a self-rightwous bitch. But she's friends with a lot of my friends, so I was always friendly with her anyway.

But tonight we had a huge fight--it's been building up, and I've always just kind of rolled my eyes when she would tell me to shut up in US history or whatever--getting angry over it takes to much energy and makes me the bad person (though sometimes I did interrupt her because I'm a little self-righteous too, sometimes, and I thought she didn't know what she was talking about--she's not the only one at fault)--and...thought the amount of emotion it took was huge and if one of my other friends hadn't been there I'd have backhanded I was in tears after I left (Thank God I didn't cry in front of her).

But now...and even after I stopped crying, I feel really liberated. I don't have to be nice to her anymore, and I don't feel bad about not really forgiving her or anything. During our arguement, she cited being sick and on her period as a "Don't fuck with me" kind of thing, and I told her I didn't give a flying fuck because your period comes once a fucking month and no one else gets a break when they're sick, so deal with it (which is totally true--I'm never going to back down from that). But anyway, I don't feel bad about it, and she was avoiding me but I'm definitely not caring, and I'm serious. I don't care. I didn't skirt to the other side of the hall when I walked past her, I didn't leave the room just after I walked in because she was there, and apparently a lot of our mutual friends in drama were kind of expecting it, because they're okay with it. Even her best friend, who, oddly enough, I really trust, was cool with it, and understood my point of view.

So I feel happier than I have in a long time. Because, I think, now I don't have to pretend. And that's very, very good.

In other news, it wonderfully rained all day today and I'm exhausted because of 6-7 hour play practices each night, but whatev. It's almost over, and I like drama anyway.

nebulia out.
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There'd been a piece of something (not sure what it was) floating around my keyboard making it hard to type, and I finally pried my "a" key off and pulled it out and now I'm flying and fancy free or whatever that phrase is.

Went to see Peacful Warrior with gothsocks. It was really fun. The movie was good--not the best movie I'd ever seen, but incredibly fasincating, and it was a gymnastics movie, but the sports weren't too overpowering. The writers did great things with dream sequences and what happens in the mind and the lighting and cinematography were incredible. It was actually really pretty cool. The main character was hot, too. gothsocks and I mocked some and wowed others, and I spent a lot of it on the verge of tears. I do recommend go seeing it, but I wouldn't pay for an evening showing. I might go get the DVD, though, when it comes out. Because it really was good, and also because the old mentor guy (who, while being an old mentor guy, was not your typical old mentor guy) said some great, great things.

So yeah. Go see it.

I still need to see a lot of movies though--Pride, 300, In the Land of Women, Penelope, Amazing Grace, and Premonition are all on my list. The third and fourth ones I think I'll rent, because they've come out but not here in the midwest. I REALLY wanna see Pride...even though it's a sport movie, it's about swimming. Dad and I actually might go see it, I think.

So yeah. That's how we roll 'round here. Ados.

It's been windy/rainy around here all day. It's sunny now, but I don't think it'll last long--at least, I'm crossing my fingers. I want it to rain more, dammit!

nebulia out.
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I'm the understudy for the Nurse in R&J.

It makes me feel good, because even though a lot of seniors and juniors like myself did the part well in callback, our director--who did IHSSA--trusted me to do the best as an understudy. The thing is, the girl playing the Nurse is a tad flighty, so I might actually have it, you know? But even though it's TONS of work, and with my job at Dad's place and AP exams coming up I'm already beginning to feel swampoed, but I'm still honored. It feels pretty damn good.


And I got a 100 on the CW2 sotry I wasn't expecting to do well on. :) That makes me feel good too.

nebulia out.
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Started swimming for fun this morning at the club.


Had the AP Euro test from hell today. I mean, my AP teacher is God of Gods, but it was hard. Incredibly hard. My brain is still leaking out of my ears.

Eight days without cutting! Whoopee!

The magazine is also up and running, hooray. Well, not up and running, but we had the first meeting today, which is very, very good. So that's how we roll around here.

It looks like rain, it smells good, it's in the 50s...I love this weather. I hope it actually gets around to raining, but this isn't too bad.

And I have five math assignments to do and an essay to write, so I away!

nebulia out.

Nice days

Mar. 3rd, 2007 02:09 pm
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Yesterday was wonderful in that it was cold and snowy. Gothsocks came over and we had bunches of fun. We made cookies and watched Howl's Moving Castle and Avatar and it was a blast. Yay.

Today is cold and sunny and just as beautiful. I've been very productive today, too; I did laundry and picked up and snowblowed. It makes me feel good, productivity.

I'm still cutting, but I didn't on Wednesday. And only once on Thursday and Friday and today. This is a good thing, obviously.

erm...that's about it. I'm not feeling particularly eloquent about my daily life right now, though I do feel like writing. So off I go!

I can't believe it's March already. Wow.

nebulia out.
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Have finally gotten started on my ELP project...a literary magazine for school.

Funfun. I feel accomplished, though.

This is good. I also didn't cut today, which is also good. And I'm babysitting, so that's all right too. So I feel pretty damn good.

nebulia out.
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Good thing #1: I made callbacks.

Good thing #2: Moises Kaufman--author of the Laramie Project--came to speak today.

He was fantastic. Some of the things he said--I wrote down some of them, but I don't have my book with me at the moment. I just wanted a quick post. I'll edit later. But they were amazing. He was funny, poignant, involved the audience, well-spoken, friendly...and every word that came out of his mouth was just perfect. He was so eloquent, and he has so smart. He knew what he was talking about, but he still let us dictate the discussion. I loved it.

What's more, at the beginning he asked us how we felt about the play, how the controversy affected us, why we thought it did. I raised my hand at one point and offered a 15-20 second blurb about how we don't like what we don't understand, how we're afraid of what's different. Lots of other people spoke--no one touched that topic, we were onto other things--but I thought they spoke much better than I did. However, an hour later, when he signed my play poster, he told me, "You're a writer."

I thought he'd seen me writing or something, so I kind of blushed, and nodded, and thanked him, and then he said, "When you spoke, you were so eloquent and right away, I thought, 'she's a writer.'"

The blush was going full-on by then, and I said, "Thank you, I actually want to be that when I grew up."

And he said, "You are. A writer. And I needed to make sure you knew that."

Well, I hadn't thought I could turn any redder, and I thanked him again, profusely, and that was that.

But it made me feel soooooooooo good. I'm not an eloquent speaker at best; I'm rarely an eloquent writer, but I love to do it, you know that. And that was the nicest compliment I think I've ever gotten. So right now, I feel so unbelievably good.


I can't stop grinning.

this feeling is so odd...I like it, but it's odd.

nebulia out.

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