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Orange and Black meet was tonight and I dropped 21 seconds on my 500! Yay! I now have a 7:44:42; I have to bring that down to...let's say a 7:14. Thirty seconds to drop in the season seems reasonable. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, that was good.

Still more homework. I shall die soon. *sigh*

Anyway, that is what's going on. I am going to shower.

Because I need to.

Am now also co-maintainer (?) of [ profile] capslock_manga, which means that you should check it out. It be tons of cool and made of awesome (andalotofcrack!shhh). If you do, I'll give you the intranets.

nebulia out.


Jun. 4th, 2007 10:14 am
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Finals are DONE and I am free!

I got a 143 out of 135 on my AP Euro project.

*happy Snoopy dance*

Other than the B in Creative Writing II (Grrrrr, and not because I'm a bad writer, but because I didn't turn in stuff...stupid, stupid, stupid...*facepalm*), and the most likely C in math, I got all As. Yay me!

So that's that.

the math final was kind of nasty today. Mostly because I'm still uber-disturbed by that dream, and last night's feeling of "I had a simialr dream but I don't remember it." It's odd, too...I played hide and seek in the dark with a bunch of friends yesterday for an hour and a half, and the dark usually tends to be kind of a motivator for me to be scared, but I wasn't. At all. I was having a blast.

But today in my bright flourescent lit classroom, every sound came out of a gory horror movie. It was so weird.

I dunno. I just hope it doesn't continue.

nebulia out.


May. 31st, 2007 02:16 am
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six hours later, six tylenol and 2 am...

the ap euro project's done and I'm totally happy with it.

On to Latin...

I'm on my period and it's killing me.

nebulia out.


May. 31st, 2007 01:08 am
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Spent the last four hours working on the AP Euro project. It's now one in the morning. I am very close to finishing it...just two more paragraphs and the bibliography, but God...I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator. I still have a Latin essay to write for tomorrow too.


Actually, I have been doing reading and stuff for AP Euro since this weekend...but I just got started on the essay and the powerpoint tonight. I'm pretty proud of it, actually; I feel like I know a lot on this subject and it's not one we've really covered in class, so...yay!

Subject: Education and Literature in the Early Middle Ages. It's really interesting, actually. I might go into it in college.

but the Latin essay...agh.

nebulia out.


May. 25th, 2007 03:48 pm
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Even though I only have two finals I have multiple projects due, and damn, am I exhausted.

I saw CT for the last time for a while yesterday, and had my second appointment with my new therapist, who's pretty cool. But she's obviously not CT.

So I need a name for her...

I dunno. I'll figure it out. I meet the nurse practitioner who's giving me my meds next thursday...I'm kind of excited, actually, because maybe it means things will, feel better.

nebulia out.


May. 8th, 2007 07:53 pm
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I think I mentioned that I went for a bike ride on Saturday, for the first time in a few years. It was really, really nice. Last night I only had time for a quick ride around the block, but todsay I had a nice, hour-long ride on the Greenbelt. It's so pretty, and I listened to Jet (my newest discovery as far as good bands), and just had a really, really nice time.

I've kinda been responsible lately. I've done almost all my homework, I've been preparing my app to Colorado College for this summer, and I've been getting out more. I still love going online, but I'm not nearly as hooked up to it as I was, and it's been okay.

My birthday's in four days. I've been on LJ for only a little longer than that, and I'm glad I started using it. It helps me keep a regular journal, something I always felt I should do but never did. It's good, though. I like rambling, getting my feelings out.

I think I'll make biking a habit. So biking to school or around campus when I go to college or whatever can become something of a habit. Walking everywhere's a drag, but I'm trying not to be so lazy. Bike riding is just the thing. I actually like it a lot.

I am a little sore, though. I'm always a pretty hard rider, courtsey of my dad being a hardcore biker, and so I tend to push myself. Usually I'm not too out of breath, but getting back on the bike does make me a little sore. *sigh* I don't think it should take too long to get out of that, though.

So, that's that. Today I went to Borders with gothsocks and LCA. I love hanging out with them--it's so much fun. LCA, it turns out, is totally confused about the whole HLBF/gothsocks/LCA thing, so I filled her in. Because she needed to know. And apparently HLBF is ditching class. I was worried about LCA, but now I'm more worried about HLBF. It's getting confusing.


I'll have to play therapist, too. I don't mind helping picking up the pieces...but still...

nebulia out.
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So. I'm going on birth control. Periods...once a have no idea how fucking amazing that sounds. Not to mention less symptoms, less's gonna be wonderful.

So yes, I went to the gyno. It wasn't too bad--she didn't need to do a pelvic or anything, which was good.

Meanwhile, today I rode my bike for the first time in years and I loved it. It was so nice. I'm going to have to ride my bike more often. ^_^ I went down to the greenbelt and rode all over looking for a nice quiet spot to sit, and then I sat. And then I went home. It was really nice. It's cloudy and windy today, which is really nice, to tell you the truth.

There's the usual gothsocks/LCA/HLBF drama...but I won't go into it. I feel bad for HLBF, some ways she's given up on LCA, but all she wants for her now is to be happy. I mean, I know she wouldn't turn down a relationship if LCA offered, but she's convinced gothsocks still secretly likes LCA. And though she doesn't think LCA wants a romantic relationship with gothsocks anymore, they're still best friends. Having best friends of my own, I see where HLBF's coming from. She gets that LCA really needs her friends right now, and LCA really wants gothsocks to go with her to the prom.

I'm not bothered by this, as long as they still go out to birthday dinner before with me. XP

I just worry for them, you know? For all of them. They're my friends, I love them, and they help me.

I just worry.

Well...stuff to do. I'll procrastinate some more. And then I'll get to work cleaning my room and writing the two FRQs the God of History Teachers assigned me to write.


nebulia out.
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of jdoramas.

I just finished Kimi wa Petto, which was really, really good. Not as good as Gokusen, I don't think, but still, very good. I kept wanting to read the manga but never got the chance. I'll definitely read it now. XD

I also have a celebrity crush on MatsuJun, but I don't seem to be alone in that. I've liked that band for a while anyway, though, and he is really, really, really good-looking. *sigh*

Anyway...that's that.

Beed busy. AP Exams a week from Friday, and I'm freaking out.

I'm going to take a nap and then study. *sigh* Seems as though I've been doing nothing else lately...

nebulia out.


Mar. 24th, 2007 01:56 pm
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It's cloudy and rainy today. I luuuuuurve it.

gothsocks came over last night for a sleepover. Fun! We giggled and laughed and made fun of each other and it was a blast. We also broke my desk chair, hehe...

Now I'm off to do homework, w00t.

nebulia out.
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Started swimming for fun this morning at the club.


Had the AP Euro test from hell today. I mean, my AP teacher is God of Gods, but it was hard. Incredibly hard. My brain is still leaking out of my ears.

Eight days without cutting! Whoopee!

The magazine is also up and running, hooray. Well, not up and running, but we had the first meeting today, which is very, very good. So that's how we roll around here.

It looks like rain, it smells good, it's in the 50s...I love this weather. I hope it actually gets around to raining, but this isn't too bad.

And I have five math assignments to do and an essay to write, so I away!

nebulia out.


Mar. 11th, 2007 09:56 pm
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So, a day without intrnet connection and I wrote smut. Decent, het, graphic, consensual smut. Original characters, exciting exciting.

Um...and the Futon of Doom and Hellfire which gave up centuries ago finally got kicked out of my room and is now rotting in the garage. Now I have Granny's old recliner--it's blue and thus doesn't match, but we'll get a nice black slipcover and I'll be happy. Granny's chair is really comfy, not to mention it was Granny's and we'll be saving money, too. :)

And I have math and an FRQ to write and I don't want to do either. :( Grr.

nebulia out.

And so.

Feb. 12th, 2007 07:17 pm
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Realized today that my CWII intersection was due tomorrow.


Also realized today that my short story revision was due Thursday.

Double damn.

I'll do the intersection tomorrow and revise Tuesday and Wednesday, but I'll probably avoid internet entirely, because that'll coerce me into procrastination.

Aw, fuck.

nebulia out.
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Bad news: It rained all day. That would be very nice, but it's December 20. It was supposed to snow (at least in my mind), dammit!

Bad news: Quit my job today. It was affecting my grades and I need to play the field a little, try other stuff. It's kind of a rite of passage, but it's also a little sad. I liked being a disgruntled deli girl.

Good news: One day till break.

Good news: My altered book is done.

Bad news: I have tons of homework.

Good news: Anneliese can be fixed! In fact, I'm getting her tomorrow!

Bad news: I'm stressed.

Bad news: It's not snowing.

Bad news: I'm exhausted. I don't know if I'll ever be not tired again.

Do you see how this is?

And I quit my job. It's so...odd. But it's good. Now I just won't have any money anymore.



Nov. 15th, 2006 04:07 pm
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I worked last night. And the night before. And tonight. And tomorrow night. And there's school and homework andMolly got spayed today so Toby's a mess 'cause she's not around and agh! I'm going to go take a brief nap.


Nov. 13th, 2006 09:22 pm
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The Goddamn AP Euro project is done and turned in. Along with the 2.5+ jours I spent on it every night last week, I worked on it for 8 yesterday and two this morning. I didn't go to bed until 1 and was up at 4:30 to finish up.

Worked tonight. I thought I would pass out.

I have cramps. Shut up.

nebulia out.
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so yes. i got a 7:18:49 on the 500, w00t, and a 33.64 on my 50 free (probably the best time this year). I also got a 1:30:58 on my 100 breast...which wasn't good, but hte 500 was good, so i'm pretty happy.

i'm really tired. now that my bed is cleaned off, i'm no longer permanently on the futon. yay!

anyway, off to bed am i.

anneliese still down. *cries*

quote of the post: "barnabites: 6 p. for $3 and 10 p. for $6." --the girl who sits next to me in ap euro, inspired by my comment that the religious group the Barnabites sounds like they ought to be chicken nuggets in the frozen food aisle instead.

nebulia out.
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And all of a sudden it's homework like whoa, so much that even if I procrastinate I find myself with like three hours a night. Consequently, with play practice and swimming, I have less than three hours a night. So procrastination is not an option.

Yesterday's swim practice was a joke. A 300 warm-up (preceded by brithday cake), 16 25s on the :40 fast, and then Sharks and Minnows and off the diving board for the rest of time. And today's was tough but a distance swimmer's heaven; I had a blast.

Play practice was fun, too; introduced Bert to Ask A Ninja (he's a black belt in...I don't know how to spell it, but it's ru ku kempo--at least kempo's right, I know) and he loves it! Hehe...

But I have tons of homework and a poem to write and a lesson for Latin to organize, so gah. And I'm so exhausted...I might finish the Lating or the poem, go to bed, and finish the rest in the morning.


visited CT today. Apparently the reason I'm so down about GermanPickle right now is because I'm always being put down by her (and others). How she manages to get this stuff kind of startles me, because it's kind of true.

quote of the post: "it wasn't extreme makeover: rome edition!" --serpentina discusses the sacking of jerusalem in ad 70.

nebulia out.

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