Nov. 25th, 2010 11:43 am
nebulia: (silly baby)
Sorry I've not been around recently: between my class, the musical, and being sick I've been kind of not up for posting. Sigh.

Anyway, though, I wanted to wish all you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving, and everyone else a happy Thursday! Love you all, have a wonderful day. :D


Dec. 27th, 2006 05:15 pm
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In Chicago for college visits and fun this week.

Went to Adler and the Field Museum today. Most of it was miserable--it was so fucking crowded that it was no fun. I am never going to a museum the week between Christmas and New Year ever again. And at Adler, they took down the spacewalk--the best part of the entire plnetarium. Though I love the whole planetarium, they took away the best part! *sob*

Northwestern tomorrow. And some little town. Went to Borders today but found nothing I wanted to spend money on, sigh. I probably won't buy anything until I get home, because House is cheaper at Best Buy than at Borders, and my parents, truthfully, will probably get me most of what I want with them. Yay for being an only child!

Have been feeling rather misanthropic lately. Sarcasm is at an all time high right now. I think it's 'cause I miss my friends. But I see Gymnast on the first (she's spending the night) so hopefully it will all be okay by then. I can't wait, Gymnast and I are buddies.

I was thinking about how Christmas Eve might be the best night of the entire year. No matter what, it's nice. The Silent Night with the candles in church is the best part of the entire church year, and on Christmas Eve we always listen to music and make tea and sit around in the family room in our pajamas, perfectly content, nice and warm, with the fireplace and snow outside (sometimes, grr!). I love it. It's so...peaceful.

Have an original fic idea I got at Borders today. That I actually like. I hope it turns out all right.

Anyway, that's the news around here.

nebulia out.
nebulia: a nebula (too cute for you)
As the title said.

I got Grey's Anatomy season two and over the hedge and a .Mac accound, and U2 greatest hits and a digital camera (not on my list, but cool!) and Final Fantasy XII (YAY!) and it was all cool. Oh, and I got a three-hole punch. Yay!

So it was good. I was happy. I am happy.

Mom and Dad and I aren't fighting and the dogs are being pretty good. So...I'm happy.

Content, I guess.

nebulia out.

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