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Yuuko sets down her spoon and fork and says, “I was to have two traveling companions, servants of mine if you will. But one took ill quite suddenly and the other insisted on staying behind to care for him.” She smiles the mocking smile again and beckons the servant to refill her goblet (for the sixth time, and they’re only on the second course). She giggles, and even that is elegant. “They have a deep connection. It’s a shame that they couldn’t be here.”

“Your servants are married to each other, milady?” Morgana asks curiously.

“They are not,” Yuuko says, “Just connected by the red thread of destiny.”

Merlin goes white. Arthur has discovered that Merlin hates destiny. “Destiny,” he says.

Yuuko finishes her wine and the servant hops up to pour another glass without her even asking. She swirls the wine in the glass, looking down at it for a moment, and then she smiles, slow and dangerous in a way that makes Arthur a little afraid for his sanity. “Destiny,” she affirms, voice low and full of certainty. “It is a fabulous thing, isn’t it? But there is not just destiny; there is fate, too—how some things are certainly to be, and how some things are not, and you cannot change that.” Her smile grows. “In my country, we call it

Merlin is looking at Arthur with a very certain Look on his face. When he catches Arthur’s eye, he mouths,
fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Arthur is suddenly inclined to agree.

Guys, it is Merlin/holic crossover because [ profile] sapphirestar_ just happened to put a Merlin icon up when she replied to a comment of mine and we had this big discussion and she's finally forced me into actually thinking about what would happen when Yuuko and the Great Dragon meet and WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING.

Someone stop me. PLEASE.

...or don't. I can't decide.
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snow was falling fast, part 5 )

I get to go see The Golden Compass with gothsocks and her parents and Maman and Dad tonight! I'm so excited!

nebulia out.
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snow was falling fast, part 4 )
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Here's the next little bit of snow was falling fast. There aren't chapters at all, I've already decided that, just brief sections or scenes. So that's probably how I'll post. This is not my NaNoWriMo novel, but something else I started in November that I can't imagine being any longer than 30 or 40 thousand words.

snow was falling fast )
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here's the next little bit i've been working on. real story this time.

Read this first.

snow was falling fast )
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but instead i'm working on my most recent original fic idea.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy, as I've mentioned before, was one of the most inspiring books I've ever read, and my second favorite book of all time. And I've finally begun formulating a vague idea I've had from The Road, and I've been trying to emulate McCarthy's style in a way, because I love how he writes. The plot is more inspired by the work of the artist Falling You (check them out on're AWESOME). Anyway, here's kind of the opening.

snow was falling fast )

nebulia out.
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About eight months ago, I posted this: Such a Loss, about Samurai 7. It was a freewrite, typed directly into the Post and Entry box here on lj and completely unedited.

Guess what. I'm doing it again.

Home Again )
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Right then, my [ profile] spook_me fic, aside from being a day late is turning into a chapter fic.


I've got to get it done by next Wednesday, so I can devote my life to NaNoWriMo on Thursday, yesplz.

But here it is:

Title: empty as the sky
Fandom:: Rurouni Kenshin
Rating: Let's say...for now, T, for gore-ish stuff, and future language and stuff. I dunno yet, it's still forming in my head.
Summary: Kaoru is on earth to help people let go of the darkness within them. Kenshin is on earth despite the fact that he has come to terms with his own darkness. Together, they discover what it means to really live, and how to let go. [modern AU, KK, zombies and ghosts galore]

Wait...Undead? )
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Here's the first part of it. It's not going to be horror or creepy, like last year's, but it has kind of dark themes. It's more gentle drama than anything else, a bit like "the art of contentment" if anything. But not as strange. Or romantic. Or in present tense. And with more plot.

empty as the sky )
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If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post one sentence (or more) from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favorite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).

This definitely isn't everything,'s something.

Rurouni Kenshin, Gokusen, Original )

Was cast as the part of Justina in the play. I'm pretty happy with it, even though I wanted Elisenda. The only problem I have with it is who is actually playing Elisenda--I'd pick almost ANYONE in drama over her, including several guys. She is SUCH a bitch. *sigh* But I'll deal with it. It's mostly set in stone anyway, so that's that.

nebulia out.
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Another fic! This one's pretty brief, kinda creepy, technically a reincarnation fic.

Doubt I'll ever FFN it; it was an interesting experiment, but I have other ideas for the quote that inspired this fic (And is the title).

Anyway, it's kinda angsty.

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) )


Sep. 6th, 2007 10:04 pm
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Title: progression: the art of contentment
Summary: they are perfectly at ease with each other, but sometimes you have to move on to make life worth living.
Warnings: A distinctly odd Kenshin mindset, Jinchuu spoilers, KK, some rather strange sap, general verbosity and word vomit
Rating: Would you say PG-13 or PG? I mean, Moonstruck's just rated PG, and they actually say they have sex...I'm not sure. (Shut up, nebulia, and stop citing old Cher movies...)
Notes: Still mostly unedited; I've kinda gone through it once, but not seriously.

Overall, what do you think? Does the present tense work? I love writing in present tense, but I don't do it a lot, because then it's ruined. I think there's a lot of awkward sentence structure and the like; is this true? Does it work? I'm planning on fixing most of it, but should I leave it alone?

What about a title? I'm not sure about that, either.

progression: the art of contentment )

It's a big thunderstorm outside! I love the sound of the rain! And the thunder!


Sep. 5th, 2007 08:56 pm
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Here's a little bit of the RK oneshot I've been working on. Any critique would be really nice. I haven't really edited it yet. At all. There's definitely stuff that needs to be fixed. But...yeah. Anything at all to make the general whole better? I know a lot of sentences are awkward and the like; I'm working on that. But overall, does the voice work, how's Kenshin's character, etc.?

As a note, it's purely romance, though I tried not to make it sappy or cliched. It takes place directly (or actually, about a week) after Sano leaves in volume 28, and then on--the fic covers about three seperate moments stretching over the period of roughly a month. There are also some direct manga references in here that I haven't checked, so forgive that as well.

Progression (working title), pts. 1, 2 and 3 )
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gothsocks and I finished our project.

I made cupcakes.

And I posted the first chapter of that Kaoru fic I've wanted to write for, like, ever...because I was finally inspired to write the first chapter. Hoorah!

There. check it out.

So this isn't too bad, I guess.

and there's a great big thunderstorm. I like thunderstorms.

I do have a gazillion misquito bites, though. :( why didn't noah smack those two misquitos?

nebulia out.
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See subject.


Just wrote this--200 words exactly, so it's been edited to that point. It's a little odd, but I think I like it a lot. I might do some more editing and post it on FFN, I might not. *shrugs*

Title comes from the second verse of Amazing Grace.

My Fears Relieved )
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I felt like writing Samurai 7. So I'm writing it. Entirely and completely unedited, typed directly into the livejournal text box. Read at your own caution.

Such a Loss )

This has the possiblity of becoming a drabble series, maybe. *huggles KatsuKirara* I like this pairing so, so much.

Meanwhile, we got out early today and now it's practically a whiteout! It's really cool; I'm happy.

But my computer isn't connecting to the internet, grr...

nebulia out.
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Something B!YAD thought up today, which really entertained me. I think she's gonna write something about it, which is super-good--I love B!YAD's stuf, even though I've only read one of her poems and her crack!comics (yay Alec!).

Am presently reading Sophie's World, which is a great book about the history of philosophy. Author's last name is Gaarder; check it out. It's great if you like philosophy. I'm totally hooked.

Have recently become re-addicted to the song "Dirty Little Secret," by The all-American Rejects. At the moment, it's spurring a lot of inspiration for some Tomoe/Enishi fics, which is my RK "I'm a sick bastard" pairing. *grin* The scary part is that I'm practically inspired enough to go for it.

Well, we'll wait and see. I actually want to do homework tonight, so you know, I may actually be productive. I do have a math test tomorrow, and I'm kinda worried...but stuff is starting to make sense, so I think I'll be okay.

To prove I am not dead, here is a bit of the next Dark Roses chapter. Unfortunately, this is just about it, so anyone who follows it will have to wait some more. A chapter by Spring break, I swear to God!

Chapter 19: Action )

So. Funfun.

I think that's about all right now, whee.


quote of the post: "in other news, i'm not wearing any pants. back to you, steve." --b!yad's alec comics

nebulia out.


Jan. 10th, 2007 08:13 pm
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Brief post-mangaverse MisaoYahiko oneshot:

Summary: Yahiko has a crush. Misao is oblivious. Kenji is sleepy. [3rd person Misao POV, YahikoMisao]

Unedited and Untitled )

I am adding to the alternate pairings of the world! Up next: KamatariMisao. And after that, SanoTomoe. Whee!

nebulia out.
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Yeah. Four themes in one week, go me!

To bed I go.

nebulia out.
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So now, you can find Conversations here:

and here:

Both edited than the last time I'd posted it on this little journal. So go check it out.

nebulia out.

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