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Right then, my [ profile] spook_me fic, aside from being a day late is turning into a chapter fic.


I've got to get it done by next Wednesday, so I can devote my life to NaNoWriMo on Thursday, yesplz.

But here it is:

Title: empty as the sky
Fandom:: Rurouni Kenshin
Rating: Let's say...for now, T, for gore-ish stuff, and future language and stuff. I dunno yet, it's still forming in my head.
Summary: Kaoru is on earth to help people let go of the darkness within them. Kenshin is on earth despite the fact that he has come to terms with his own darkness. Together, they discover what it means to really live, and how to let go. [modern AU, KK, zombies and ghosts galore]

Wait...Undead? )


Aug. 15th, 2006 04:34 pm
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Dark Roses is updated! w00t!

Here's the link:

check it out!

quote of the post: "you can't beat evolution, old man, I was built for speed!" --dory, finding nemo

nebulia out.
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Yes, folks, chapter 17 is up. Be happy, as I'm rather happy with it. Beast made me happy in it. XD

It is a little shorter than my usual chapter, only a little over 3000 words, but I was pretty proud of it.

Unfortunately, Chapter 18 will probably not be up until after I get back from Austria, which puts us at June 27 at the earliest. But there's always hope, so cross your fingers.

As a note, I will probably mass-update horrors soon, which means dumping, like five edited chapters into it. cheer for me. w00t.

So go read ch. 17 and tell me what you think! Here's the link:


BTW, the RK soundtrack is amazing. Amazing.

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I hate anneliese. I have to save up before this fucking scratch can get any worse, dammit! And it's getting fucking worse, fucking fast. Goddammit! I'm so pissed off. what did I do, God? What did I do for you to hate me and my computer so much? Whatever it was, I'm sorry! Really I am!

And I posted and RK fic: Five Things That Never Happened to Kamiya Kaoru. w00t.


Yeah, so there.

quote of the post: "All the world's a stage, all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts." --William Shakespeare, As You Like It

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Yes, as shown above, I have updated Dark Roses...cheer for me! It's been like four months when I said it would be a coupple of weeks. I'm bad. Very bad.

So, here's the link. I would love you forever if you checked it out. And commented. Please comment!

Yep. Now GO!

nebulia out.

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