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Last night I had a dream that I had a fever, and the only prescription was more cowbell.

That's right.

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I had a dream that I was driving, and you know how some cars have digital speedometers so instead of having one of those dial things the dashboard actually reads '28 mph' or whatever. Well, I dreamt that my car had one of those, only instead of for speed, it was for the amount of gas in my car. It had bright red letters, and it read '-5'. And I knew I had to get gas.

And I had this dream because I have been horrendously low on gas for the last couple of days, and I filled up tonight, but I was glad school is less than two miles away.

The toe is purple-red today and doesn't hurt nearly as bad. There's still a bruise on the top of my foot, and it's still dark blue, but my toe looks better. As my swim coach said, "It looks like a toe today!"

The head coach was like, "huh?"

And my coach said, "Yesterday it looked a bit like plastic. Or Iceland. Or Sicily. We couldn't decide" at the same time I said, "It looks like a toe, as opposed to sausage."

The head coach was amused. And surprised I had a broken toe.

The head coach is really, really weird.

nebulia out.
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Last night I had this odd dream, that I really want to write down before I forget the rest of it. It was this interesting, mildly dark RK AU. Here's what happenened:

Kaoru is taken/captured/offered as a hostage replacement/something-or-other by/to a tribe of Native-American-like people. For a while she's their kind-of servant thing, because she keeps trying to escape, but then she becomes kind of a hostage in name only. She gets to take college courses at a local college--it was a little bit like Sitka, Juneau or Ketchikan in Alaska, although it could have been even more secluded. There was a town, and then several tribes around it. Anyway, Kaoru never got to finish college and so she gets to take college courses.

It was around this point that I realized that Kaoru was older. Later, I found out she was 33.

And so it turns out Kaoru's closest to Megumi/Sano/Yahiko/Misao/etc., but they don't get along entirely well. Kaoru's not part of their tribe-thingy, and that bothers them. She eventually befriends one of the elders, Kenshin, and they have a kind of awkward friendship/relationship thing going on. Kenshin kind of wants more, and Kaoru's a little confused, and stuff.

It's about this point that I find out Kenshin's 53. Yeah, random, I know. He didn't look that old, but then, either did Kaoru.

anyway, there was some issues with a couple other tribes--I mean, there was a plot, but I don't remember it--and there was a scene with Kaoru in a college class and another where Kaoru and Kenshin and maybe some others were standing near a big river/fjord with brown/reddish dirt and mulch on the ground and big fir trees all around.

It was an odd dream, but if I remembered the plot, if had a sort of promising plot. I thought it did, at least.

nebulia out.


Jul. 22nd, 2007 04:57 pm
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First of all, Harry Potter seven.

REAL HP7 spoilers )


Had two very odd dreams last night. I told one to my mom this morning like an hour after I woke up, and now I can't remember it. In the other, I was sleeping on the top bunk in the basement at the lake house, with my cousin Min on the bottom, which I was, by the way, doing in real life). And Min woke me up (in the dream) and said, "A turle fell off your bed and landed in the back of my shirt!"

Yes. That's what she said. I spent a good ten minutes asking her if it was alive, and she kept saying, "Yes, it is, you twit!" And then I would ask her again, and again, and again...yeah. And then she said it was gross, like it was a spider, not a little turtle. I spent half the morning wondering if it had really happened before I realized how totally ridiculous it would have been.

Yeah. I'm an idiot.

Anyway, my cousins are in town, and we spent the weekend at the lake house. I finished HP7 and this WONDERFUL book by Cormac McCarthy called The Road, and it was great. Really. I highly recommend it.

And that was that. Have had some really interesting writing ideas, just saw Spamalot (which was fabulously funny, even a second time--"You're a fairy!" "No, that's Lancelot." *snerk*) and am now working on several other books to finish.


nebulia out.
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Last night I dreamt that the AP Euro exam was an oral presentation that I was NOT prepared for at all. I knew I could wing the oral exam, though I was still nervous about it, but I needed a visual aid that I didn't have, to the amusement of all my classmates and one from last semester (?). I ended up using last semester's AP Euro project on the Puritan revolution--the stick figure comic book. *sigh*

Actually, I don't really remember giving the presentation, though I remember standing up there giving it. It was super-vague, seriously, it was like on the history of Europe or something. There was a panel of judges, and our teacher and classmates there, and the one judge I really remember is Elizabeth II, who laughed at something funny I said.

...yeah. I thought it was weird too.

I think the Rock might have been another judge as well. dreams are back to their normal weird selves. I've been trying to get all the ones I remember down, because they entertain me. Except for last Saturday's. But even though they're bizarre, I love them. They're so random.

nebulia out.


Jun. 4th, 2007 10:14 am
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Finals are DONE and I am free!

I got a 143 out of 135 on my AP Euro project.

*happy Snoopy dance*

Other than the B in Creative Writing II (Grrrrr, and not because I'm a bad writer, but because I didn't turn in stuff...stupid, stupid, stupid...*facepalm*), and the most likely C in math, I got all As. Yay me!

So that's that.

the math final was kind of nasty today. Mostly because I'm still uber-disturbed by that dream, and last night's feeling of "I had a simialr dream but I don't remember it." It's odd, too...I played hide and seek in the dark with a bunch of friends yesterday for an hour and a half, and the dark usually tends to be kind of a motivator for me to be scared, but I wasn't. At all. I was having a blast.

But today in my bright flourescent lit classroom, every sound came out of a gory horror movie. It was so weird.

I dunno. I just hope it doesn't continue.

nebulia out.


Apr. 3rd, 2007 05:59 am
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I had a dream where Kaoru was trying to master the meaning of thunderstorms and tai chi (and teaching herself), and someone (Aang, maybe? Only old) was saying, "She's making great progress teaching herself, but she's still not as good as the others," because she was like the only girl in this Buddhist monastery and wasn't allowed to learn with the boys. But Aang felt bad about that, because she was very talented.

And my friend Bert was a Buddhist monk. Which was funny, because he is NOT a Buddhist monk (though he is a black belt). And he was showing Zuko and Katara and Toph really cool stuff about like healing and stuff, and he did this complex healing process group meditation thing, and Toph was just fine, but Zuko and Katara were (in Bert's head) very much in obvious mental pain because they hadn't worked through their LOTS OF EMO ANGST HOMG. And so Bert was going to fix it, and then I woke up.

There was a Zutara plot in there somewhere. Maybe they were two seperate dreams about eastern religious practices.

It was weird.

I think there was a HUGE thunderstorm last night. Even if it was just in my head, I loved it.

EDIT: Nope, thunderstorm was frickin' real, man. And it was AMAZING.

nebulia out.
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More often it's just disturbing dreams. Nightmares, in my definition, wake you up screaming and panting and sometimes shivering in cold sweat, depserate to get out of your own body. Dreams--bad dreams--just wake you up with that feeling, cold in your soul...that disturing feeling.

But I had a nightmare today.

I was feeling vulnerable last night and Dad was out at the cabin, so when it began to thunderstorm I went in and slept with Maman. Yeah, I'm 16, but still. I needed her--I didn't want to be by myself. I was afraid of myself.

It went fine, except I woke up at six and at seven and then I fell back asleep and woke up again. Maman was mostly dressed, getting ready to leave. It was about 8:30. She sat on the edge of the bed and said she needed to go somewhere--I don't remember where. She was spraying herself with Bath and Body Works stuff everywhere, almost obsessively. And then she said, "I don't want to do this." and uncapped it and started drinking it.

When she started talking I started begging. I said, "Maman, please, don't, don't do it, don't you'll kill yourself! You'll commit suicide!" over and over again, but she didn't stop. When she finished, she recappped the bottle and I said, "Maman, you just committed suicide!" I was crying. She nodded.

I wasn't sure if I should make her throw it up or call 911. I knew I needed to call 911, and I I could think of to make her throw it up was the Heimlich maneuver, which wouldn't work. So I rolled over to grab the phone...

And then I woke up.

It was the scariest dream I'd had in a looooong time. Oh, God. It was just...

Terrifying. Because it felt so, so real. Some nightmares, you know, don't feel real--they're a dream, you know it, like a scary movie you can't turn off. But this--this felt real.

And it was terrifying. Maman comforted me--I was hyperventialting and I like threw myself on her--and I know she won't kill herself, but God, it was just the scariest Goddamn thing ever.


nebulia out.

hoo boy

Jan. 31st, 2007 08:44 pm
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What Your Dreams Mean...

Your dreams seem to show that you're very preoccupied with your fears and problems.

These bad dreams indicate that you need to spend more time on your issues during the day.

Your dreams tend to reflect your insecurities.

Your dreams indicate that you have very conflicted feelings.

You have a very vivid imagination and a rich creative mind.

You secretly want to hide your dreams from your waking mind.

the scary part is it's kinda true.

nebulia out.


Dec. 16th, 2006 10:20 am
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I had a very interesting dream last night.

Like I've been remembering my dreams recently, and it's sooooo wierd. But this one was (if you can believe it) Lilo and Stich. WTF? Only Lilo was more grown up, still had Stich, and they found this creature who I never found out its name (I started calling it Ravus, though, as in Holly Black's Valiant's Ravus). Anyway, it was kinda monstrous, but a very gentle soul, and Lilo fell in love with him. And he wanted to go to high school, so he did, after being approved by the administration and all. But there were all these rumors that there was this monster going to school (he went in secret), and eventually Lilo and her friend (by this point I was seeing thing from Lilo's POV) had to fight off these two bitchy girls who had attacked him during an assembly in this little rom that was kind of his hang-out place, since he was monstrous-looking. And there was a huge catfight.

Also, apparently, at one point (I'm not sure where in the timeline this was) we went to the funeral of this very wealthy man whose name was James Earl Jones but he was kind of a god-like fellow who was like the god of money and finance or something. He did had JEJ's voice, sorta, but even though it was an open-casket funeral hia face was covered. and the Ravus-creature was sad, but kinda disguised, and Lilo's dad (who was dead, I know!) was talking about Ravus and how wonderful he was (bcause he was sorta dead too, I think), but everyone was laughing at hm because n one believed this "horrible monster" existed and then JEJ said, jumping out of the casket (still never saw his face) "NO! He's just my successor, because that's his job! And by the time he needs to succeed someone else, I'll be reborn!"

And he gave this money thing to Ravus (not exactly sure what it was, but there was a $100 bill in it), and Ravus woke up and everyone was happy. And Ravus and Lilo (because now I was watching everything from above again) lived happily ever after.

Yeah. Weird. I haven't seen Lilo and Stich for...oh...five or six years. If not more.

In other news, last night, because of stress and crap, I went to bed at 7:30. I woke up at 9:40. It felt gooooooood.

nebulia out.


Dec. 12th, 2006 05:14 am
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I had the oddest dream. Not as odd as the last one, but still odd. And an RKInuyasha morph, which was strange since I dislike Inuyasha so much. But Sesshoumaru was traveling around, la dee da dee da, and comes across Tokyo, and a nice little dojo.

And Rin sees some flowers in the yard behind the dojo.

Now in this dream the dojo had quite a bit of field and forest and crap attached behind it, without a fence all the way around. Anyway, Rin sees flowers, and so she and Sesshoumry go and pick 'em, only to get yelled at by Kaoru. Sess is a bit surprised to get yelled at ("Don't you know who I am?" "I couldn't care less if you were emperor Meiji. Get out of my house.") and (gasp) apologizes. Then interrogates her.

Sess: Do you live here by yourself?

Kaoru: No, I have an eight-year-old son.

I have absolutely no idea where Kenshin is. Pretty soon, Sess begins to realize what kind of drew him here, though he wasn't aware that it was doing so. There was a demonic aura coming from something around here. A very faint one--perhaps it's not all demon or whatever--but one nonetheless.

And then Kenji comes home and attaches himself to Sesshoumaru. After playing with Sess for a while, he goes off to play with Rin.

Sess: I'm a demon.

Kaoru: I kinda figured that one out. Your ears are pointy.

Sess: You live alone.

Kaoru: Yeah. Do you need to stay the night? I've kept borders here before. Sometimes four people at once.

I don't remember what Sess said to that.

Eventually, they all go inside, and:

Kaoru: *history teacher voice* You know, there are many things in this age that have demon blood in it. To wield a sword well, one must possess a little of that blood. I have it, and so does my son...but I was given a sword that--

Sess: May I see it?

So she shows him--surprise--her dad's sword. It's this eighty pound scythe thing that I don't think exists in real life, but it's cool.

Sess: You know, the person who wields this (he gave it a name, but I don't remember it) must be a genius.

Kaoru: I know. It was my dad.

And Kaoru was just about to say, "I have something else, too..." and I knew it was the sakabatou (don't ask me how), but then I woke up.

A pretty good dream actually. But I had no idea where Kenshin and Yahiko were.

nebulia out.
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HAd two very odd dreams last night. The first one was that they had set up a Locks of Love booth and school and you could just lline up tohave your hair cut (or just strimmed). the scary part was that the students volunteered to work at the booth (i.e., cut hair!). The other scary part was that I was going to get my hair cut, which I would never do. I love my hair and it's getting reeeallly long.

The second dream was this one where Kenshin, Kaoru, and a few others (I think Sano, Yahiko, and Megumi, but they were pretty quiet so I'm not sure) were staying with some people who owned a hotel and a pizza tavern. The tavern was called, like, Mc-Somebody or other's pizza, but then the slogan was "Made gorgeous by blue sky eyes," and people kept complimenting Kaoru on her eyes. And then suddenly and partway through it went from being an RK dream to being like we (me and my RL friends) were in Austria again, only it wasn't Austria, it was England. But we ate at this one restaurant we ate in in Austria and then we went to a castle. And then it randomly went back to being an RK dream, and Kaoru got separated and went back to the inn it wait at the bar. And then I remember Kenshin randomly saying somewhere in the middle of that whole big thing, during this interview (yeah, he was famous) about him being raped or having group sex or something, I can't quite remember, (and me in my dream thinking it was so totally OOC), "Yeah, I gave them oral sex and then they gave it to me," and no one, not even Kaoru, was pissed off. They were all just like, "Oh, whatever," and Kaoru was like "Yeah, that's cool, but now just have oral sex with me and no one else, 'k?"

Yeah, it was weird.

nebulia out.

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