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Went with Dad to run the dogs tonight after I got home from work. Mape came too, even though he doesn't need to practice like Toby and Molly, who are hunters, do. But it's nice for him to get out of the yard and he really likes it.

Anyway, it was pretty cold, about 28 degrees. Not a lot of wind like there was earlier, and anyway, when we're not hunting we run them in this field near our house that's surrounded by trees. There was still snow on the ground, and it was dark, but there was a pale moon and some ambient light. Some light clouds, but not a lot.

And so we were running them, and Dad looked up and said, "Wow! Look at the ring around the moon!"

There was, as Dad so aptly put it, a ring around the moon. It wasn't close to the moon--it was a big ring, but it had this beauty to it, like it was an orbit. It seemed perfectly round, and the moon was full or nearly full, and it was one of the beautiful things I've ever seen. I wished I had my camera so I could have taken a picture of it. It was so cool.

And then it made me think of that old slogan--"Ring around the moon, rain coming soon." Which is odd, because the forecast says sun for the next few days...

We'll have to see which wins out.

Anyway, that's the news for today.

nebulia out.


Jan. 4th, 2007 06:44 am
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Went to the doctor two days ago, for the cough that hasn't gone away since October.

It's another bronchial infection...and if the cough doesn't go away in two weeks, there are three choices:

a) allergies
b) silent reflux disease
c) cough asthma

a) is possible, because I had an allergy test when I was six that basically said that I wasn't allergic to anything, but I wasn't not allergic to anything either. Inconclusive. They gave up on me. b) is acid reflux disease, but not enough acid is coming up to give me heartburn, just a cough. c) is like normal asthma, only coughing instead of wheezing.


So now I'm on four medications: Advair, Biaxin, and the cough syrup that knocks me out (oh, glorious sleep) like last time, and Singulair as well. Whee!

School started. Not happy.

However, after years of getting viruses, it's nice to know I actually have something that's treatable. Yay.

Oh, and Happy New Year.

Last year was fine. You saw what happened most of it. started. I hate school.

The dogs are being dumb, too. *grrr* Yesterday they ate a little bit of (my) chocolate--not enough to make them sick, just enough to make them uber-irritating. And they've been barking like mad recently. *sigh* I'm tired. But this weekend Maman and Auntie and I are going to the Pursuit of Happyness, so that's cool (did anyone else notice happyness is spelled wrong? I hope that has meaning).

Two days left.

nebulia out.

NOT cool.

Dec. 24th, 2006 03:46 pm
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Christmas Eve.

47 degrees Fahrenheit.


I am angry.

Other than that, it's been a pleasant Christmas Eve. Quiet, calm, Mom and Dad and I and the dogs (they really are soooo cute) went out to Walnut Woods to play, and we've just hung out since. It's been really nice.

We tried to get Toby and Molly to fetch, which was funny. Mape hates playing fetch, but Gracie loved it--she did it naturally. Toby and Molly might be brittanys, and they certainly figure out the hunting thing pretty easily (boy, and am I sore from shooting the 12-gauge yesterday!), but they certainly don't get fetch yet. *sigh* It was pretty funny to watch them though--they sure are cute!

But it's supposed to be cold and snowy, dammit!

Fortunately, it's supposed to snow (light, not-sticky, yuck snow, but snow nonetheless) tomorrow.

Anne Murray is singing her Adeste Fideles on the radio and her Latin translation is horrible. Adora-ay-mus? Oh, please. Someone put her out of her misery.

nebulia out.


Nov. 15th, 2006 04:07 pm
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I worked last night. And the night before. And tonight. And tomorrow night. And there's school and homework andMolly got spayed today so Toby's a mess 'cause she's not around and agh! I'm going to go take a brief nap.
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Conference meet last night.


It was in Ft. Dodge--2 hours away--and at first we thought it was gonna be 6 hours long (that's not bad, but it started at 5, which put us home at 1). But it ended up only lasting about 4, so it was okay. We were home around 11:15, so that was all good. Though I was exhausted on 5 hours of sleep and a scrappy night.

Added 8 seconds to my 500.

But the 100 breast was the worst part of the night, and possibly made yesterday one of the worst days of my life.

Turns out, at the coach's meeting before the meet, they revised the lineup in the 100 breats 'cause they added one girl who was faster than me. So, instead of being in heat 3 lane 8, I was changed to heat 2, lane 4.

Of course, though, they don't give a revised lineup to the swimmers, or the timers, just the coaches. Now, the timerrs are God. The timers should have the most updates lineups, because we, as the swimmers, listen to the timers. Not the announcer, and out coaches aren't necessarily contacting us while we're on the block.

So, when my name is announced, it's s huge shock. Actually, I wasn't paying attention, nor were any of my frineds, because I was a) too busy getting ready for my race, and b) I was confident in the fact that the lineup said I was in heat 3, lane 8, because that was what the timers had.

So all of a sudden, I was being yelled at to get up on the blocks, by my parents and the coaches.

This sudden shock, and some embarrassment, the frustration of my crappy 500 (and the consequential urge to do really well here), and surfing the crimson tide had me tearing up right then.

So all of my friends, you know, Frenchie, GermanPickle, N2T, and a few others are back there, and so they follow me. But just as the guy says take your mark (while I'm still putting on my goggles), they start yelling, "Step down! Step down!" because my name isn't on the timer's sheet.

Of course, as soon as I do that, the coaches are all, "What are you doing?" and I just start sobbing.

As an aside, I hadn't cried like that for a looooooonng time, and I'd never cried like that in public.

So I'm trying not to cry and consequentially hyperventilating, and the coaches are trying to fix it and "it's not your faulting"-me and I'm all, "I don't want an excpetion made 'cause I messed up," and the coaches and Frenchie and GP are all, "But you didn't mess up!" (though I did, a little--I should have been paying attention) and then Head Coach comes over and says, "You're in the next heat. Lane one."

The next heat is the first varsity heat. I was all, "No way."

But Frenchie convinced me to swim, and I did, and I got a 1.32.70-something, and when I finished I started crying all over again.

So the other assistant coach comforted me then (even though I was all wet and she wasn't), and then Frenchie, and then flutist...

And then I had to go and swim the 100 free in the 4x1.

It wasn't the swimming, so much, as a) the humiliation of swimming in a varsity heat when i'm obviously not in varsity, and then the b) humiliation of crying long and hard in public. I's just embarrassing, you know? You don't like to cry in public. You either get sympathy and all the attention, or you get laughed at. And when I'm crying, I just need someone to sob to, even if they haven't a clue what I'm saying, and that's it. I don't like crying in public.

So yeah. A crappy night.

I was cheering, and trying not to cry and making those gaspy,, sobby, throaty sounds in your throat is really bad for your voice, I learned, and I was already losing my voice, so now I have no voice. But it's a cold--a deep chest cold where I'm coughing up little fuzzy yellow things. And MBF was gone from school today, and she has the same thing, and told me I should go see the doctor, because she had to get a prescription medication for it.


but I got Anneliese back, and that almost makes everything okay, you know?

And the conference meet was still fun, in a weird way. It's kind of hard to explain; but, when I wasn't feeling crappy we were telling jokes and swapping dog stories (the dogs are getting REALLY funny, btw, Toby drinks out of our fountain by standing on his hind legs, and Molly gets on the couch, and they both can get on the couches now and they're so silly, but they come when they're called so they're getting better.).

Today we moved creative writing class into the new wing, and I had to carry this giant life-size cactus. I named it Ambrosius and and going to talk to it every day in class now.

and I have anneleise back! Yay!

quote of the post: "remember bob. just remember bob." frenchie has decided that the joke "what do you call a man with no arms and no legs floating in the ocean? bob." fixes everything.

nebulia out.
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this morning i reverted to childhood.

i woke up at five. it was blasted cold. i showered, dressed (very quickly), and went downstairs to check le e-mail. at about six, i decided i was fucking cold and i should go back to bed before studying some more for the ap euro test from hell.

i went upstairs. i checked my parent's room. Toby, molly, and mape were all on the bed, as well as maman and dad. and they all looked warm.

So i checked to make sure none of my friends were in sight, climbed in with them, and took a nap. it was glorious. and warm. after all, 2 25-pound dogs, 1 110 pound dog, and three not-small humans certainly fill up a king-size bed nicely.

i felt like a little kid, and tomorrow maman and i are going to roast smores. i figure that i need a little bit of kidness in my life. especially after the bloody fucking ap euro test from hell.

the swim meet tonight was okay, but i'll wait until tomorrow to tell you about that chaos.

nebulia out.
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I love going to apple orchards. We went to one today. It was's this wonderful fall tradition, and everything smells good and somehow it's always sunny and the wind blows just slightly and going to an apple orchard is just wonderful, really. We got cider and creamed honey and cheese and pumpkins, and Dad and I are gonna carve a jock-o-lantern, and I'm like a little kid right now, really I am.

We also went on the last boat ride of the year, Maman and Dad and Mape and I, and listened to A Prairie Home Comapnion, which was excellent as always. Mape let me use him as a pillow and he was nice and warm, because by that time, it was evening and cooling off. And he was silly and cuddly and huge as always. Overall, it was a lovely, lazy day, and even though it was in the 70s, it just screamed of autumn. I love fall. Love love love!

However, I went to take a nap on my hammock and when I laid down, I fell right through. It had rotted in some recent rain. *sad face* I took a nap inside instead.

I went to Borders and Best Buy this morning too, and bough Azumanga Daioh (love!) and Samurai 7 volume three. And Angel Santuary 16. Yay! It's amazing, all of it.

anneleise still down.

nebulia out.
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Pasghetti dinner tonight. I ate way too much. Yum yum.

'twas good food.

but yeah. I'm not really coherent right now; my mind is liquified, leaking out of my ears, landing on the plasic thingy under the desk chair with little soft plops. GermanPickle and I are on good terms now. Anywho. LittleGermanPickle (they have the same name; creepy, no? Though the only reason I'm calling LGP that is because she's got the same first name. IT's not even a common name. It's so weird!) who used to irritate me, is actually not too bad. I joked with the swimming moms and they thought I was hysterical. I'm not that good at being funny, but I was on a roll tonight.


"RandomMom: You're an only child? I thought you had a brother.

Me: Well, there's my dad...?"

Which actually wasn't supposed to be funny; Maman sometimes refers to dad as a kid because he acts like one half the time.

The swim meet last night was pretty crappy. I did ok but not great on my 500 and i added time to my 100 breast. i think i'm swimming them tomorrow, too, though; so *crosses fingers* hopefully all will go well.

Anneliese is still down. I am sad.

Bought Full Metal Panic! today. The first volume was really good; hopefully I'll get money to buy 2 soon.

Toby and Molly are cute as always, but they're getting so big so fast! I was so little when Gracie was born that I don't really remember this; it's fascinating!

So yep. That's how it rolls.

quote of the post: "There's nothing wrong with you that reincarnation won't cure." - - jack
e. leonard

nebulia out.
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We've taken to giving Toby and Molly treats when they get into their kennel. So the first thing they've learned is when we say "Kennel up!" they're to go to their kennel and readily await a treat.

Funnily enough, Mape does the same thing, since we've taken to giving him a treat, too, so he doesn't feel left out. Though he doesn't actually attempt to get in the kennel; he's too big to fit in it by himself, let alone with two other dogs.

And they say you can't an old dog new tricks.

Ye gods, it's October!

nebulia out.
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Yes. So a very brief scene for Creative Writing class; I got it back and got some great critique/comments on it from CoolestTeacherEver, but it is unedited from that.

Bittersweet Victory. )

And a poem that I turned in today; I'm not the greatest poet but I'm actually really happy with this effort. So yeah. A poem inspired by Edward Hopper's "Automat" painting.

the non-existent blizzard of 1927: i thought i was cruel till i met you. and then, i was still cruel, but then you were always worse. that’s the problem with being a modern woman, i guess—you’re still not quite a modern man. )

So yeah.

Babysitting job tonight. All sorts of fun, y'know.

quote of the post: "don't you wish you had kids that behaved that well?" the guy who's fixing our sunroom, on the fact that toby and molly are Not Behaving.
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Toby and Molly smell sweet and earthy, like a barn, only dog-ish instead of horse-ish. They're so warm and when they're half-asleep they curl up against you and bury their face under your arm, and it's like you've got this little ball of heat, a tiny sun, tucked against you, moving slightly with every breath, lulling and calming.

Oh, they're so cute!
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That's right, I got a 1.30.11 on my 100 Breast! 12 hundredths of a second to go and I am at my time for the season! YAY!

In other news, next week's against Archenemy!School and our old JV is now Head Coach there. Which means we have to nail his ass. This means me swimming 100 Breast (and getting a 1.29)and the 500 (and getting a 7.00), GermanPickle swimming the 500 and getting a 7.30, and flutist swimming the 500 and getting a 6.30. *crosses fingers*

We're gonna kick AE!S's butt. Regardless of school/archenemy politics, we have to defeat our old coah, who left us. *sad face*

In other news...was supposed to have a meeting with CoolTherapist today. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. CT just switched practices--the old one closed--and so now instead of being three minutes from school and four from home I'm like 15 minutes away. Maman wrote out directions for me, but she missed a turn and I ended up going downtown. When I realized I was downtown, I inexplicably began to cry.

It was the oddest thing. I think it was just that today was a hard day. I went to bed early last night, but Maman didn't get home till eleven and Toby and Molly peed all over everything. Then this morning the milk began leaking for some reason and I didn't notice; consequently I got chewed out for two things this morning. And then the press for The Laramie Project is still going on, and the school board meeting was last night, so it was all over school today and fucking irritating. And I had a AP Euro test, which, depsite the fact that in every history test I've had in European history I've gotten over a 100, still stresses me out, and, then, in ELP, I found out I had to sacrifice my Wednesday afternoons for mentoring. Wednesdays are my day; I'm out at 1:12 and then all I've got in swimming and sometimes Youth Group, and this was a very long run-on sentence. I want to mentor, but it would be nice to do it at 1:15, not 2:15. But it looks like that'll have to wait until Thanksgiving. And on top of it all, I'm PMSing. So it was just the little things building up, I guess.


So that was my day. I think I may have had a breakdown if I hadn't done well on my breaststroke, I was so emotionally raw today. But it made everything better, so I'm all good. *g*

In other other news, Maman got baby gates for the dogs so now they're not shitting in the living room or eating my phone chargers. Yay!

It's also been this perfect fall chilly that I absolutely adore, the kind where people light fires and it's warm enough (though not really warm) to have your window open but if you're in a cozy sweatshirt or have a down comforter, it's perfect. I'm in love, I hope it never gets warmer.

And does anyone else's "Update Journal" button at the bottom of their post journal page say "Update Captain's Log?" It's kinda weirdin' me out.

And I started a new story I'm really excited about! So, yay!


quote of the post: "somewhere, beyond the sea/ somewhere, waiting for me/ my lover stands on golden sands/ and watches the ships..." --if you don't know this song you're sadly deprived.

nebulia out.


Sep. 14th, 2006 05:47 am
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Got my back adjusted at Le Chiropractor yesterday. It feels amazing, though I'm a little sore.

Dryland yesterday, too. Upped most of my weights and I can notice. Except for benching, which I'm used to now. Creepy that last week at this time I was in pain from it.

Right now, what really hurts are my shoulders--my deltoids, if you want to be technical. They're sore...and tense, but mostly sore, and I can feel it. And it's nasty.

In other news...Toby peed on the floor last night, and Maman took him out, and then Dad came out so Maman could go inside and fold clothes. And she cried.

I think a lot of it was tears of frustration, but Maman crying is like...unheard of. She cries over Granny, and sometimes Gracie, and at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, but not just randomly, and the fact that that was what she was doing--crying randomly, though Dad was admittedly being a bastard tonight--was really terrifying. So, if anyone's reading this, have a prayer/good thought/happy vibes for my mother, please.

quote of the post: "and the taste of frog legs..." --random line of poetry that ThesPrez got in creative writing class that she had to incorprate into an already-written poem (poor had been such a good poem too).

nebulia out.

BLTs suck.

Sep. 9th, 2006 07:18 pm
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It's dinner tonight, apparently. I absolutely despite BLTs. Totally. I hate bacon, in all its forms, basically.

The twelve-hour practice was a blast; I'm covered in bruises and scratch marks from Animal Ball, but I found out that there's a water polo team! So yay! Water polo is almost as fun as animal ball, but biting isn't allowed. :( I ate tons of food, hehe. Anywho, it was fun.

then I took a nap. That was nice, too. I just wish I hadn't forgotton to visit Frenchie at TCBY on the way home from practice, because ice cream would have been good.

quote of the post: "nemo! nooo!" --dad, talking to the dogs. (yeah, wtf?)

nebulia out.

holy hell

Aug. 29th, 2006 10:35 pm
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I work from 11 to 7 on sunday. shoot me now.

Molly and Toby are getting bigger. They've lost their little puppy-legs...they don't have that adorably awkward run any more. It's amazing how much bigger they're getting. They're still really, really cute, though.

Had a swim meet today. Went well, I guess. I didn't do so well, though FireflyPickle had her best time ever in the 500. My breast time was pretty nasty, and the idiot!coaches put me in the 400 relay as well, which meant I swam the 100 breast and then turned around and swam 100 free. Being the freak I am, I put my all into my breast, no matter what, and am consequently dead afterward. My 500 breast in the 200 medley was okay, but I won't know my slit until thursday.

And I have a cold. Dammit.

quote of the post: "we are LIKE this. WE are like this. we ARE like this." --zubaida ula, the laramie project

nebulia out.
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The girl puppy is Molly. So now we have Molly, Toby, and Mape. Yay!

Molly's less onery than Toby, and very, very sweet. They're so cute! I'm in love. Mape is being a very good older brother, though he's definitely out of his shell. Mape's a wimp; we've had him for three years and he's never barked. Until yesterday. And he's growled, which he's never done either. It's pretty funny, actually. But he's taking care of them, and helping train them, a little, because he knows Da Rules.

Swimming went well. I did okay in the 100 and 50 breast, for the beginning of the season. The 100 fly was a joke, of course, but I still managed under two minutes, so it was okay. And anyway, I didn't really try on it (*shame on nebulia*). So yeah. I'm flipping sore though, just like I knew I would be. *sigh*

First day of school tomorrow. Gah. Not excited, But Dad and I went shopping this afternoon and got 500 bucks worth of clothes at Torrid. I havedn't had new clothes in a year. Yay! But school starts tomorrow. Fuck.

quote (read: conversation) of the post:
Frenchie: Hey, guys.
Me: What?
Not2Twin: What?
F: Guess what?
M and N2T: What?
F: School starts in *looks at clock* 5...4...3...2...fourteen hours!
Me: Shut up or I'll go get my duct tape.
N2T: Can I help?
*five minutes later*
F: School starts in thirteen hours and 55 minutes!
Me: Say that one more time and I'll strangle you.
N2T: Don't kill her. I want to do that.
F: *singsong voice* School starts in thirteen hours and 55 minutes!
Me: AAAAHHHH! *attacks*
N2T: Grrrrr! *attacks*
F:'re fun to bait.

--Frenchie, Not2Twin, and me this afternoon at time trials.

nebulia out.
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My mother is pissed. Auntie is pissed. Auntie tells my mother everything I fucking do when I'm alone, and that pisses me off, and this is the last fucking straw!

on second thought, this is long and full of language and emotion and crap. rant under the cut... )

Swimming this afternoon--time trials still--was interesting. Fun, as always. I did fairly well in 50 breast though the board was screwed up so I'm not sure how well. 200 IM was a laugh, and I think the 100 Free was the slowest 100 Free time that I've ever had timed.


I feel rather proud, actually. Which makes me question my sanity. But still.

It was a good afternoon, and a decent evening, until Auntie showed up. Then it went down the drain quickly. Dammit.

quote of the post: "you...fascinate me." --miles massey (george clooney, in real life), intolerable cruelty
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Toby is adorable. Maman is getting his sister today, we hope. *crosses fingers* We'll probably name her Tess, and then we'll have Toby, Tess and Mape. I'll have to make an icon with all three of them.

Said Toby!icon is made, though not perfect. I uploaded it because I was too lazy to work on it anymore (yeah, my attention span is nil today). And the picture is cute at least, though not nearly as cute as the dog.

Until he's a little bigger and potty-trained, we have to keep him in a kennel (he can't even climb the steps). And he's been crying since Maman left. It's making me feel really, really bad. Gah!

But he's SO CUTE! He plays hard, and then he'll turn around, close his eyes, and bam! he's asleep, just like that. It's adorable, and I'm in love. He's just a bundle of joy. when you look at him, you can't help but just smile, because he's so cute and carefree. And when I'm holding him, it's amazing. I've got this huge responsibilty when I'm holding him; I've got this life, this amazing little creature, in my arms and if I drop him he'll die, and this responsiblity is so...uplifiting. I'm the one saving him from dying, as stupid and arrogant as it sounds. I'm the one responsible for this little life. I'm protecting it.

It makes me feel useful, worthwhile. It's a good feeling. Just being around Toby makes the sun come out. And I love it.

quote of the post: "my likes applesauce..." --MBF

nebulia out.

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