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been quite a while since I posted, huh? XD

I go home in 3 days!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED.


Okay, so now that I've gotten that point across, I am coming back for jan. and feb, but still, 2 weeks at home will be really nice. Not to mention like. Christmas. And real winter. And I'm just so excited!!!!!

I don't have internet at home right now. D: So I'm up at school every afternoon after working out (see that? I'm working out! :D) doing my internet crap.

anime ranting that has nothing to do with Costa Rica but a whole lot to do with Code Geass )


I'm so sorry. I can't think of much else right now. Spanish is going well, thanks. Subjunctive is a bitch. It still makes more sense than imperfect vs. preterit, though. XD
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Two words:



I'm-a goin' back to bed...
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I actually have a fever. This is the first time I've had a true, honest-to-God fever since ninth grade, when I was God-awful sick during first-semester finals week. My natural temp's about 96 F, and I had a 101 degree fever. It was gross.

Today it was about 99.5, so it was still high. Add wooziness, achiness, soreness from Tuesday's swim practice, a sore, throat, a cough, a runny nose, and general misery and you get me.

I slept from 10:30--when I got home from school--to 3:30. And then from 6:30 to 8:15. And now I'm doing my homework.

Grah. I feel gross.

nebulia out.
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And then when school starts I get bombarded with fic ideas.


Or, worse, little scenes with very, very vague plot around them that I think would be interesting but I have no clue what the plot is.

And I have AP Chem to do.

Rg. School's okay, I guess. I've only got seven classes instead of eight and that's actually kinda nice. Swimming last night was totally brutal, so I'm incredibly sore and instead of having an eighth hour, I got to take a nap. It was exceedingly pleasant. XD It's amazing what an extra 43 minutes can do to lengthen your day.

gothsocks and I have communication problems. I'm taking HLBF and Gymnast out to the lake this weekend, and possibly gothsocks too, so we can hang out. And then I babysit on Saturday, and then the godfamily's coming to the lake too.

Money, say hello to your new owner: the gas station. Choir retreat was last weekend. I had to drive to Newton--50 miles--on Friday, drive home for swim team on Saturday, drive back after practice, and drive home again on Sunday. Consequence: I was running on fumes when I pulled into the gas station today.

And it's 4 more 40-mile trips this weekend to the lake and back. After this, I'm totally broke. On the plus side, I'll probably get to work next weekend, so I might be able to get some money for real again. I still owe Maman for the con, too.

Oh, yeah. But gothsocks and I. And communication problems.

I chalk it up to 50% our mental instabilities, and 50% adolescent angst. And PMS. But more often than not, we seem to think the other one is angry at us, and so we feel bad and think because she's ignoring me, she wants me to ignore her. And vice versa. It's a vicious cycle, I tell you.

But we might have it sort of worked out. I really hope she can come out to the cabin, though I love HLBF and Gymnast. I just want gothsocks and I to be pals again.

HLBF invited me to go riding with her sometime, which was really exciting. I can't wait for that.

So, that's that.

And a long post that wasn't supposed to be that long. And I have to go do homework now.


nebulia out.
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Also, this morning I finished watching Samurai Deeper Kyo, and I refuse to believe (spoilers for the rest of the paragraph!) that Kyoshiro won in that final battle. Especially because it's ridiculous to say she cares for him as much as Kyo; she doesn't know him as well, and she's always happier when Kyo was out that when Kyoshiro was. I think that when Migeira asked her if she could love the winner, she said yes so firmly because she knew Kyo would win. Anyway, I prefer Kyo to Kyoshiro--Kyo is so blatantly honest about almost everything (except his feelings) that you can't help but like him. And his arrogance grows on you. He's surprisingly likable, though you wouldn't think it.


I also am now using Firefox, which is nice because it tells me when I'm spelling things wrong without me having to blatantly spellcheck.

So I emailed the God of History Teachers and told him about my five. I'm so happy!!! It's wonderful!!

One day of class left. I'm ready to go home, but I'm definitely going to miss this. It was so much fun. I tried to weave a scarf for gothsocks, but it's not long enough to be scarf. :( I did weave a big blanket, 3 by seven feet, give or take a few inches.

So back to editing I go!


nebulia out.
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I am now a beta, to The Alchemist's Daughter, for her RK fic Tokyo Nights, which is an absolutely lovely AU in which Kaoru is a) IC, b) the true main character, and c) kicks ass.

It's so rare to find anything, especially an AU, with all three of these traits. Sometimes Kaoru is IC, but usually it's in genfic featuring Kenshin and she never gets to do anything (which is my only problem with the actual canon--the fact that Kaoru's always the cheerleader, when it's obvious she can (and has in the past) take care of herself). Sometimes Kaoru kicks ass, but then she's OOC.

But no, it's a wonderful story, and I'm honored to beta it.


Got the Witch Hunter Robin OST for 7.99 yesterday. *happydance*

I'm really liking CC and class and people. Everyone's nice, and fun to hang out with--I've got some people I'm closer to than others, but I talk to everyone.

I'm even on my period and okay. I'm actually managing to stay ahead of the pain as far as cramps go, except for when I wake up in the morning (or, sometimes, at night in agony).

It's good. It's all good. I'm pretty happy.

nebulia out.
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Do you read or write fanfiction?yes, both.
When did you first start reading/writing fanfiction?writing in my head--when I was six or seven. Reading--when I was thirteen, January 2004. Writing, February 2004.
What was your first fandom?Les Miserables
First ship?Eponine/Enjolras. Shoot me now.
What website do you use most?FFN
What do you think of's got it's glitches, but for the most part, it's all right.
What fandoms have you written in?posted: Les Mis, Crown Duel, Rurouni Kenshin, fairy tales, Phantom, Great Gatsby, Emma Brown, Samurai 7, Broken Angels, Angel Sanctuary. Not posted: Vampire Knights, Trinity Blood, Inuyasha, Ghost Hunt, Matantei Loki Ragnarok, Abarat, Tithe...lots and lots of fandoms.
Pairings?I am a diehard KK fan. It's one of the few pairings I'm dead-set on. Others I like: Shizuki/Sunao (broken angels), Loki/Mayura (MLR)...Sano/Tae, Akira/Tomoe, Kaname/Yuuki (Vampre Kights), Abel/Eshter (Trinity Blood), Heihachi/Kyuuzo (Samurai 7), Heihachi/Gorobei (Samurai 7), Katsushirou/Kirara (Samurai 7)
Any fandoms you would like to write in?Not at the moment...Loveless, maybe
Do reviews affect how you write in any way?They sometimes inspire, or help me correct things.
Do you use a beta?not usually
What ratings do you read/write?everything
What warnings have you used on your fiction/read?angst, spoilers, sap, violence
Do you have any squicks?shota (As in, really a little kid, not Hunny-sempai)--het, yaoi, and yuri. I can stand Soubi kissing Ritsuka. But Soui having sex with Ristuka now...*shudder* In two or three years...maybe.
Do you Role-play online? If so, what?I used to. I was Gavroche for a while, and an original character in a Crown Duel roleplay.
Have you ever stolen something from another person's work?I write fanfiction. Duh. Other than that, I used to have a collection of original characters I would ask for from writers, but that disbanded eventually.
Favorite fandom to write/read?Right now, RK
Favorite pairing?Kenshin/Kaoru
Favorite writer/writers?I like hoshi-ni-onegai (her "To have met you earlier" was BEAUTIFUL), Linay, Khrysalis, Mystical Chinchilla wrote Night Waltz, one of my favorite stories
How long should a chapter be?Depends on the style of fic and how good it is.
Do you write/read drabbles?Both.
Any fandoms you avoid?Not really
Pairings you avoid?Kenshin slash, Kaoru slash...I tend to avoid NeverMetShips unless I'm writing crack! (Tomoe/Sano for the win), Kenshin/Tomoe for the most part (I ship AkiraTomoe almost as hard as I ship KK)...
Warnings you avoid?Depends on the fic, the pairing, and the fandom.
Do the number of reviews tell how good a story is?Not necessarily.
What do you think of Mary Sues?Ew. I tend to dislike OCs in general, simply because they often end up taking over the plot...but I have written many a Mary Sue in my past and now I find them gross.
Have you ever flamed someone?no. I criticize, but I don't flame.
Have you ever been flamed?Yes. Three or four times.
That's it, aren't you glad?I guess...?


Got out of class super-early this morning. I really like the freedom I have. Last night I got my bike fixed and had an interview--I'm really beginning to like CC so...yeah. It's fun.

nebulia out.


Jun. 25th, 2007 01:44 pm
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Class today. It was a TON of fun; I'm so glad it's going to be good. I actually kinda like the teacher and there's only 11 people in my class, which is good. ^_^ I'm liking the level of independence I have as well, and I'm making friends, all of which is good.

A lot of RK fans here...:) I'm really happy to find some people who like what I like.

They don't like the manga enough, though. :(

Whatev, anyone who likes RK is good enough for me.

About to go ice skating for the first time in 3 years. Actually kinda excited.

So. Random entry, but I'm pretty happy.

nebulia out.

Good day

May. 29th, 2007 05:44 pm
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Today I got a response back from Imagine about a query letter I sent them, and it was positive!

I'm so excited--Melissa Hartman, the editor, sounded really positive about it. :)

I also got all my information about my classes at Colorado College, which is good. I'm happy about that, too.

We finished filming for my Latin project--my partner and I may put it up on's kinda entertaining. XP

So today, despite my lack of sleep, it was okay. I feel pretty good. Also, gothsokcs might spend the night Thursday--yay!

nebulia out.

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