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Dec. 14th, 2007 07:33 am
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Terry Pratchett was just diagnosed with a rare form of early-onset Alzheimer's.


He's only 59.

nebulia out.
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So I was thinking recently about some people I know in RL! who have commented upon the state of my books.

I own probably around 2,000 books, and they are catologued (or, at least, three years ago they were--I'm a little behind). They are triple (or in some places quadruple) stacked on a floor-to ceiling shelf in my room made up of those cubes they sell at Target (about 18x18x18, and every inch of them is used). I am very possessive of them.

However, some of them are not in very good shape. I know I've got a few with ripped covers, many with dog-eared pages, some snapped spines, a few hardcovers (though hardcovers hate me and I them, so I avoid them like the plague) with broken bindings, some with water/coffee/tea/etc. stains, and some are a little (or a lot) dirty.

Now, it's not like I try to mistreat my books, or that I'm careless of them. I've bought ALL of my manga (around 200 volumes) and probably 500-700 of my books with my own money. When I was a kid, books were some of my only friends. In fact, I began fanfic writing when I was probably 8--I would, in my mind, have characters come out of their books and be my friends, and we would have wild adventures. I love my books, a lot.

But I get people at my house, or see my incredibly worn copy of, for example, The BFG (which is my second copy, as I wore the first copy completely out until it nearly fell apart), and go, "How can you treat books like that?"

All right. Here. My books are like a security blanket (which I also own...XDDD I think it's a great sign of maturity that I've admitted to the public--at an opportune and in-context time--that I own a security blanket and, still in fact, sleep with it). Have you seen a little kid's security blanket? It goes with them fucking everywhere. That thing gets so worn out because it's cuddled and smelled and hugged and cried into and thrown up on (though I've never thrown up on mine, I did once babysit a kid who got sick and threw up on his) and washed and slept with and loved. That's my books. No matter where I am, I've always got one with me, no matter what. They get rained on, they definitely get smelled (I love the smell of books!), some have been cried on (*cough*The Road*cough*Les Mis*cough*Zazoo*cough*), they get dogeared if I don't have bookmark, they get ripped cause they're in my bag, or I drop them. If you ever saw me in real life, I've got a book in my coat pocket that has a hole that goes into the lining so I've got a lot of space in that pocket, and then at least two in my purse at all times. I don't mistreat my books on purpose. They're loved. I try, yeah, but I'd rather have that damn book with me, where I can read it than have it rotting in a case at home where all I would do was look at it. My books might not be perfect, but at least they're not just there for show. At least I read them, love them, cry over them, laugh at them, enjoy them.

So. RL! idiots who don't even know I have a livejournal. Take that. If you'd actually open a book for once in your life maybe you'd see why mine are a little bit too well-loved. So fuck off until you figure it out.

I feel much better now.

No, I am not passive-agressive! What are you talking about?

nebulia out.
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but instead i'm working on my most recent original fic idea.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy, as I've mentioned before, was one of the most inspiring books I've ever read, and my second favorite book of all time. And I've finally begun formulating a vague idea I've had from The Road, and I've been trying to emulate McCarthy's style in a way, because I love how he writes. The plot is more inspired by the work of the artist Falling You (check them out on Magnatune.com--they're AWESOME). Anyway, here's kind of the opening.

snow was falling fast )

nebulia out.


Oct. 16th, 2007 09:02 pm
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So I just finished this great book--The Naming, by Alison Croggan. I've seen it a couple of times at Borders, wanted it in paperback, but then I found it in the school library, checked it out, and read all 450 pages in one day.

It was fantastic. High fantasy with a Tolkienish twist, but still wholly original, and with less angst from the main character. Not to mention what I presently see (though it could possibly--and it will make me sad--change in the next books, as Schmitty tells me that the second and third are out, and I know the school has the second, which I will check out tomorrow) as a wonderful, slow-building romance between the main character and her mentor/teacher/protector guy who is pretty awesome anyway and definitely my favorite character. Not to mention it's the kind of book/romance I always look for, one that has the couple paired as teammates working together, not enemies, separated, or with the girl (or sometimes guy if it's a girl power story) on the sidelines. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it. Croggan's world is not as developed as Tolkien's, which to me got overwhelming, but it is still vibrant and clear, and there's a sense of verisimilitude which I love about otherworldly fantasy novels.

So. Go read.

Choir concert tonight. Hacked up yet another lung and possibly my stomach as well, because I kept trying to hold in my cough until I gagged.

Not a good idea. Don't do it.

nebulia out.

go read!

Sep. 30th, 2007 10:07 pm
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Right, guys.

Just finished one of the best books I have ever read: I am the Messenger, by Markus Zusak. It is a seriously wonderful book and I highly recommend it.

Seriously. Go read it.

I also recommend The Book Thief, also written by him. I didn't think it possible I could like a book he wrote any more than I liked The Book Thief, but I did. I am the Messenger was SO much better than the Book thief, and I loved them both.

Geez. In one year, I have added two books to my top five list (The Road, and now this one). It was the same from eighth grade to eleventh, and suddenly, in the space of three months, it changes. What. The. Hell.

It now reads:

Les Miserables, Victor Hugo
The Road, Cormac McCarthy
Zazoo, Richard Mosher
I am the Messenger, Markus Zusak
Crown Duel, Sherwood Smith.

But seriously. I was getting kind of tired of not finding any good books that weren't vampire!romance (The twilight series is excellent, but really, I'm getting tire of all the hype around it, and Jacob Black annoys me)...but now, I have found hope.

Go read I Am the Messenger, now. Please. It's wonderful.

Today was this slow, steady buildup of storm. Most of the morning and all afternoon it was clouds rolling in, wind, humidity, and then, at about five, the dam suddenly burst and it just poured, half the time in the sun. It's still cloudy and crap out now, but I don't think it's raining anymore.

It was kind of cool, though.

nebulia out.
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So...today I went to the eye doctor and got my contacts checked. My glasses have been wonderful since I got the new prescription filled, but my contacts have been horrendously blurry. However, I am now wearing my contacts and things are crystal clear.

I'm also getting my bangs trimmed this afternoon; this weekend they were getting very long, and very annoying, and Maman and I somehow decided it would be a good idea to try to trim them with kitchen scissors.

Ha. Ha.

Yeah. It didn't work out. So I'll be off to the salon soon to fix that.

I also need a job. I'm going to apply at Starbucks; their hours are very long so I'll be able to work weekdays even during swimming.

I keep putting this off, though. I'll pick up an application after the haircut.

Have an original story idea suddenly and powerfully haunting me.

I've become a huge fan or Cormac McCarthy after reading The Road, and so today at Barnes and Noble I picked up two more of his books. I think he's right now one of my favorite authors; he's wonderful.

So right now I'm reading Outer Dark, which is great and creepy at the same time. I like the name Rinthy, though. XP

Anyway...that's that. Later.

nebulia out.


Jul. 22nd, 2007 04:57 pm
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First of all, Harry Potter seven.

REAL HP7 spoilers )


Had two very odd dreams last night. I told one to my mom this morning like an hour after I woke up, and now I can't remember it. In the other, I was sleeping on the top bunk in the basement at the lake house, with my cousin Min on the bottom, which I was, by the way, doing in real life). And Min woke me up (in the dream) and said, "A turle fell off your bed and landed in the back of my shirt!"

Yes. That's what she said. I spent a good ten minutes asking her if it was alive, and she kept saying, "Yes, it is, you twit!" And then I would ask her again, and again, and again...yeah. And then she said it was gross, like it was a spider, not a little turtle. I spent half the morning wondering if it had really happened before I realized how totally ridiculous it would have been.

Yeah. I'm an idiot.

Anyway, my cousins are in town, and we spent the weekend at the lake house. I finished HP7 and this WONDERFUL book by Cormac McCarthy called The Road, and it was great. Really. I highly recommend it.

And that was that. Have had some really interesting writing ideas, just saw Spamalot (which was fabulously funny, even a second time--"You're a fairy!" "No, that's Lancelot." *snerk*) and am now working on several other books to finish.


nebulia out.


Jun. 7th, 2007 01:10 am
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I can't sleep. I'm just wide awake, which is funny, considering how exhausted I felt all day.

Tonight I finished a book--A Most Begrudging Bride, by Deanne Gist (I think). Christian fiction, but it took place in colonial 1644 and the religioin didn't seemed forced at all for the most part, which always impresses me when it comes to Christian books. The romance was also very nice; there was a lot of unresolved sexual tension and it was very subtle but still hot. Really. I was impressed. It read very much as a historical fiction romance novel with a better organized plot and no smut, and I was pretty hooked the whole way through. I'd recommend it if you like that sort of stuff.

As a rule, I'm very skeptical of Christian fiction as it usually reads like 4 dollar romance novels without smut (but sometimes the smut in those kinds of romance novels is so bad you're glad there isn't any), or replace smut with religion, but no, this was actually something that could be qualified as decent literature.

I think I may try to sleep now, or at least lay down and close my eyes. But I'm so awake...how odd. I better not be tired in the morning, dammit.

nebulia out.


Mar. 4th, 2007 06:33 pm
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Variety Club Telethon.


23 hours of service, w00t.

2.5 hours of sleep.

13 Red Bulls.

(Last year was 22, though...I hold my Red Bull reeeally well).

6 Tylenol.

Homework (mostly) done, Sophie's World finished...

*passes out*

nebulia out.
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Something B!YAD thought up today, which really entertained me. I think she's gonna write something about it, which is super-good--I love B!YAD's stuf, even though I've only read one of her poems and her crack!comics (yay Alec!).

Am presently reading Sophie's World, which is a great book about the history of philosophy. Author's last name is Gaarder; check it out. It's great if you like philosophy. I'm totally hooked.

Have recently become re-addicted to the song "Dirty Little Secret," by The all-American Rejects. At the moment, it's spurring a lot of inspiration for some Tomoe/Enishi fics, which is my RK "I'm a sick bastard" pairing. *grin* The scary part is that I'm practically inspired enough to go for it.

Well, we'll wait and see. I actually want to do homework tonight, so you know, I may actually be productive. I do have a math test tomorrow, and I'm kinda worried...but stuff is starting to make sense, so I think I'll be okay.

To prove I am not dead, here is a bit of the next Dark Roses chapter. Unfortunately, this is just about it, so anyone who follows it will have to wait some more. A chapter by Spring break, I swear to God!

Chapter 19: Action )

So. Funfun.

I think that's about all right now, whee.


quote of the post: "in other news, i'm not wearing any pants. back to you, steve." --b!yad's alec comics

nebulia out.

The Clique

Dec. 11th, 2006 09:09 pm
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I was thinking about why my school doesn't seem to have cliques. I mean, it's such a huge establishment in high school pop culture, and so on, and so forth, et cetera et cetera, et cetera.

And so I was thinking about this, and how my school didn't seem to have any. Is my school just rare? Am I not seeing something here? I'm a cynical idealist to a fault, so I could totally be skipping over something I didn't want to see. And then, as I was walking to class, I realized how small-minded I had been. I had just been thinking about my experiences, no one else's, and that was definitely me lost in my little bubble. As Agnes says, I am an island. One of those little undiscovered volacnic ones 1000 miles away from anything else in the Pacific.

Because there are cliques at my school. I just belong to several of them. Or, more accurately, I edge several of them.

There's me, MBF, and HLBF. Like many groups of best friends, we are a tiny clique unto ourselves. Then I am pretty fully involved in the Anime!Gaming!Et cetera!clique, though I'm not knee-deep (I am knee-deep in manga, just not in the clique). I skirt the drama clique fairly closely; I'm a thespian, I do every play, I participate in the bake sales, IHSSA, and the drama trip, but I'm still not in the inner circle. I circle the choir clique but don't event ry to belong; I love to sing but the choir people piss me off. I know a lot of the people in the music-lover's clique but I'm not in that, either, because I'm no longer actively participating in band or orchestra (never mind that my flute is played at least once or twice a week, if not every night); I totally skip past the Popular!Smart people clique and the Sort of Popular! Smart people clique and join the very loose Nerdy!Smart people clique, which is the least organized, as Smart people always seem to be in other cliques, too.

So I really don't belong in any particular clique. Except MBF's, HLBF's, and mine. And the truth is, I realized as I was walking to class, I don't mind. I know a lot of people. Some of them I don't like, some of them I do, some of them I don't really give a shit either way about...and it's good. Because there are definitely other times for me to belong, and other places for me to belong. And I've been a little bit of a loner; I like books too much and when I get nervous--most of the time--I babble and say stupid shit. So I don't mind. If it's a hole I'm in, I dug it myself and then jumped in, but at least it's got good books and a laptop.

speaking of good books, I highly recommend the one I'm reading now: The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. A great Gothic book mystery, rather like Arturo Perez-Reverte's The Club Dumas, another one I highly recommend, especially if you like to read.

quote of the post: "and the day came when the risk it took to remain in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." --i'm not sure, but i sure love this quote.

nebulia out.
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Broken Angels III: I am totally all for Shizuki/Sunao. Totally.

Also bought The Will of the Empress, by Tomora Pierce. HypocondriacAunt gave me A Voice in the WInd by Francine Rivers a while back, and I'm reading it so Pierce's book doesn't end. But it is very good as well; Rivers is the only Christian author I know who writes decen Christian fiction. Most Christian fiction is a bad religius romance novel without the sex. And since we read romance novels for the sex, it sucks.

Bang!YouAreDead finally gave me back my quote book. Yay!

Visited CoolTherapist today, but today was one of those days where I wonder why I need CT. I mean, it was such a good day.

Play practice tonight was pretty fun; it was a good time.

nebulia out.
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I'll begin with something funny.

US History. 7:30.

A Girl: "Europeans. They're, like, British people, right?"


US History. 7:33.

Teacher: Who is God?
Another Girl: God is...I don't know!

Teacher: Why would people come to the New world for God?
A Boy: I dunno. To see what he put there?


Latin II. 1:00.

CaesarKid: I was denied smart-person camp.
Me: ... There's a reason for that.


Hoo boy. Yeah. School. 8 classes. 6 homework assignments, not counting the summer reading I have to finish for AP Euro.


Fortunatley, none of them are hard--a couple get-to-know you things, one paragraph to write, a review for Latin II...and a math assignment. Gah. I'll do the math assignment tonight; I finished most of my summer reading but I'll write the essays Friday morning, after I finish the rest.

In other news...I read two books today. Along with doing most of my homework and swim team (boy, am I efficient or what?)

One was a quickie, a romance novel, Spell of the Highlander by Karen Marie Morning. I've never read any of her Highlander series, but the rest of them seemed kind of contrived and all had almost the same summary: "Random chick finds herself in a cave with a guy who knows she can break this spell she's under. Oh, and she's eight hundred years in the past."

This one has no time travel...just a guy who's been stuck in a mirror for eleven hundred years and meets this chick nowadays. Yeah, they were a tad perfect for characters, but they didn't quite cross the line into Mary Sue and Larry Stus. They had their dense moments, and they had their questioning of morality and ethics...so they weren't totally perfect.

The plus: hot smut, aand great chemistry between the two leads.

The minus: Typical romance-novel plot, though probably a bit more plot-heavy than most romance novels.

So pretty good. Lots of hot, steamy smut, that was very well-written, which made it worth its while, I guess. I guess I would recommend it if you need a quick read with some nice, good romance and a lot of sexy smut.

The other book I read? Part of my summer reading: The Communist Manifesto. Need I say more?

Swimming today: 500 time trial. I did fairly well for time trials, so it was okay. Tomorrow's the fun scrimmage met, if you will. It'll be a blast; I'm excited.

I do love the 500. Talk about one of my faovrite events. Mmmmm. I would talk more about it, but I still have math to do. So I should go.

quote of the post: "but don't wrangle with us so long as you apply, to our intended abolition of bourgeois property, the standard of your bourgeois notions of freedom, culture, law, etc." --the communist manifesto, karl marx. (i just liked the " but don't wrangle with us so long as you apply..." it rolls off the tongue.

nebulia out.

book thing

May. 28th, 2006 05:06 pm
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Bold those you've read. Italicize those you haven't finished. Underline those you own.

I'll cut this for my own peace of mind... )

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