Dec. 14th, 2009 11:09 pm
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From [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic, your new rage stroke for the week:

* Gender will be a mandatory field at account creation, and it will be able to appear public on one's profile. (I can't tell if people with existing gender specification will be defaulted to "nobody can see it" or "everybody can see it".) (Subsequent changelog reading indicates that the public specificity has since been removed. It is unknown whether this is to require public specificity in the future or if it will remain private.)

* LiveJournal is removing the Unspecified option for the gender field. That's right: you get to be male or female. Period. That's it. (Source.)

If this pisses you off as much as it pisses me off, go to Edit Profile and select Unspecified for your gender option. Then, go to http://www.livejournal.com/contact/?dept=feedback and politely register your displeasure. (The people who read and process Feedback are not the people who make the decisions. They are often the people who are yelling internally about the decisions.)

(This will likely take place at the next code push, which given LJ's history will be either this Thursday or next, so spread the word fast, especially to the genderqueer community. After that point, you will no longer be able to pick "Unspecified" as your gender.)

Here is what I wrote; copy and paste as much as you'd like:

feedback letter )

To also reach someone who's higher up the food chain than the poor staff members who have to read and reply to Feedback, also email anjelika@livejournalinc.com who is Anjelika, GM of US operations.


This is BULLSHIT, guys. There is no other way to put it. LJ is someplace I love and I frankly want to keep it that way.
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So I was thinking recently about some people I know in RL! who have commented upon the state of my books.

I own probably around 2,000 books, and they are catologued (or, at least, three years ago they were--I'm a little behind). They are triple (or in some places quadruple) stacked on a floor-to ceiling shelf in my room made up of those cubes they sell at Target (about 18x18x18, and every inch of them is used). I am very possessive of them.

However, some of them are not in very good shape. I know I've got a few with ripped covers, many with dog-eared pages, some snapped spines, a few hardcovers (though hardcovers hate me and I them, so I avoid them like the plague) with broken bindings, some with water/coffee/tea/etc. stains, and some are a little (or a lot) dirty.

Now, it's not like I try to mistreat my books, or that I'm careless of them. I've bought ALL of my manga (around 200 volumes) and probably 500-700 of my books with my own money. When I was a kid, books were some of my only friends. In fact, I began fanfic writing when I was probably 8--I would, in my mind, have characters come out of their books and be my friends, and we would have wild adventures. I love my books, a lot.

But I get people at my house, or see my incredibly worn copy of, for example, The BFG (which is my second copy, as I wore the first copy completely out until it nearly fell apart), and go, "How can you treat books like that?"

All right. Here. My books are like a security blanket (which I also own...XDDD I think it's a great sign of maturity that I've admitted to the public--at an opportune and in-context time--that I own a security blanket and, still in fact, sleep with it). Have you seen a little kid's security blanket? It goes with them fucking everywhere. That thing gets so worn out because it's cuddled and smelled and hugged and cried into and thrown up on (though I've never thrown up on mine, I did once babysit a kid who got sick and threw up on his) and washed and slept with and loved. That's my books. No matter where I am, I've always got one with me, no matter what. They get rained on, they definitely get smelled (I love the smell of books!), some have been cried on (*cough*The Road*cough*Les Mis*cough*Zazoo*cough*), they get dogeared if I don't have bookmark, they get ripped cause they're in my bag, or I drop them. If you ever saw me in real life, I've got a book in my coat pocket that has a hole that goes into the lining so I've got a lot of space in that pocket, and then at least two in my purse at all times. I don't mistreat my books on purpose. They're loved. I try, yeah, but I'd rather have that damn book with me, where I can read it than have it rotting in a case at home where all I would do was look at it. My books might not be perfect, but at least they're not just there for show. At least I read them, love them, cry over them, laugh at them, enjoy them.

So. RL! idiots who don't even know I have a livejournal. Take that. If you'd actually open a book for once in your life maybe you'd see why mine are a little bit too well-loved. So fuck off until you figure it out.

I feel much better now.

No, I am not passive-agressive! What are you talking about?

nebulia out.
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There are 2 68ths and Universities (as in the corner) in the Greater Des Moines area: one in Windsor heights, one in West Des Moines.

And there are Paneras on both corners.

What. The. hell.

nebulia out.
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Age be damned, the woman playing Madame Hooch would have been a considerably better Tonks than the actual one.

*grumble grumble*

Damn you, Hollywood! You always ruin my favorite characters!

nebulia out.


Oct. 8th, 2007 09:38 pm
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Just found out that we won't have Christmas at home.

No, we're having it at HypochondriacAunt's house.

Wonderful. Now I get to be made fun of all Christmas, don't get to say anything other than please or thank you, get the last shower, and get to clean up everyone's dishes.

I'm the furniture of the family. The really comfy chair everyone likes, but it's a Godawful color apparently, so everyone makes fun of it too. If it suddenly exploded or something, they would be sad, really sad, but they would et over it relatively quickly.

That's me.

To make it worse, because I'm an only child, I don't get to complain. Even if it's a legitimate reason to protest something ("sorry, I've got a migraine the size of Mt. Everest," "sorry, I've got a fever of 102," "sorry, my best friend just got randomly dumped by her long-term boyfriend and really needs me right now"), I'm whining. I mean, my family situation isn't horrible, it could be a lot worse, but I'm in a sucky position regardless.

So there's that.

There's also the fact--and this more than anything--that I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday by a huge margin. I love Christmas decorations. I love Christmas music. I love the whole aura of Christmas. And I especially, more than any other day of the year, love Christmas Eve.

I love the church service. I think, even if I totally gave up on all religion whatsoever, I would still go to the 11 o'clock/midnight candlelight service at a nearby church every Christmas Eve. I don't know about other denominations, but the Christmas Eve service for Lutherans is a lot of music, a brief sermon, and it culminates in all the lights being out, candles being lit, and everyone singing Silent Night.

Even better, at my church, we have a bell, and the service ends at midnight and someone will ring the bell, and it's Christmas.

I love Christmas. A lot. I love spending Christmas Eve (before church and after--we usually stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning, all 3 of us) with my parents, sitting on the couch, enjoying the lights and usually eggnog. Sometimes, if it's snowing, we go for a walk or something, or we watch Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer, but I love sitting in the family room with only the Christmas lights on enjoying Christmas.

I love avoiding TBS' 24-hour marathon of "A Christmas Story." I've never seen that movie, other than the lamp scene and a scene where a geeky kid beats another boy up, and I don't plan on doing it.

I love reading all the little Christmas storybooks that Maman puts out only during Christmas. I've spent my entire life reading them over and over again, and I never get tired of them.

I love the feeling of going to bed in my bed on Christmas Eve--even though I haven't believed in Santa for well over ten years, I still get this tingly feeling every time I go to bed, like something good happens during the night. I still follow NOAAD's Santa-tracking satellite thing that they do Christmas Eve, so little kids can track where Santa "is" throughout the night, because it amuses me, and it's just so thoughtful that someone does this for little kids (I don't think about how they're lying to them, because I loved Santa Claus, but I wasn't particularly heartbroken when I discovered he wasn't real).

When Christmas comes around, I become a huge romantic.

And I don't get Christmas at home.

It's a little thing, but it's such a huge deal to me. I'm a pretty flexible person...I like my birthday, I like having a day to celebrate myself, and I'll ask it off from work or whatever, but I'm not going to go out of my way to make sure my birthday is a clear day just for me. Halloween is fun, but if I have other plans...I have other plans. Easter is okay. I like the Good Friday service but whatever. Fourth of July it's nice to see fireworks, but I don't have to celebrate. Christmas, to me, though, is just the holiday you spend at home, cuddling on your couch, doing nothing.

And it really makes me sad that I can't do that.

Not to mention that today I caught Dad in a lie and it really, really hurt me. This is aleady and uberlong post and it's kind of a pointless story, but suffice to say, I hate when people lie to me and I was totally heartbroken. And then he tried to cover things up, and I felt worse, and so I'm already emotional. Everything's making me tear up. We've solved things, but now I just feel bad.

nebulia out.
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Maybe I've been paying attention or haunting different places online or something, but I've been seeing a lot of stuff about how awesome Trust & Betrayal (I don't remember how to spell the Japanese name, I don't care) is.


Perhaps it's good. I've seen it once. Like Seisouhen, it would be very nice if. There. Was. No. Manga.

And yet the whole thing is just like--waahh! It's like the anime, or Seisouhen--it's not as OOC as either of them, but it's still just crap against the manga. What is with the stupid OVA?

All these things happen in it that I'm just like, huh? Example: the scene where Tomoe--I assume--miscarries.

No. Way. Not. Happening.

I am a firm believer--given Kenshin's emotional shyness throughout his three-volume flashback and given Tomoe's being the way she is--that, if--and it still could be an if--KT consummated their love, they did it the night Tomoe talked about her childhood and Akira, which was just a day or two before her death. They might have loved each other, but I can't imagine either of them actually managing to come out in the open about it, married and alone in a cabin or not, unless such a big thing like that confession actually happened. Not to mention the empty two-person futon just seemed like a really subtle way of saying "They had sex. Because married people sleep on a two-person futon and married people have sex." And it's the first time you see said futon, anyway.

And, of course, I still think there's even the slight off-chance that Kenshin could still be a virgin up until the actual start of the manga. I tend to be pretty wishy-washy about those sorts of things. KT's little talk curled up in the blanket was a sort of consummation to me, a mental one, so the actual sex may or may not have happened and it really isn't. I tend to think it did--because Kenshin might be utterly and totally shy but he's also fifteen, not to mention that it seems to be implied in the manga--but it's still up in the air.

Thus--Trust and Betrayal, because of the obvious sex and many other reasons--is a load of crap. Not as much of a load of crap as Seisouhen, or even the anime (and I don't know about the movie because I haven't seen it), but it's still a load of crap.


And now I have to go so I can't finish ranting. DAMMIT.

nebulia out.
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Anneliese is being a bitch and not letting me on. Because of new updates and my own stupidity, but still, computers are supposed to be stupid-people friendly, dammit!


Four days of school left, four days of school left...have a prayer or a good thought or whatever for Anneliese and me; I really, really need her for finals. She has my story for Creative Writing on it.

nebulia out.


Nov. 29th, 2006 09:59 pm
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I just lost The Game.


nebulia out.

ETA: Oh yeah. Work was pretty good, except CoolManager is leaving. *sadface* I have been writing like mad recently, a fic I started last Tuesday or so; it'll, probably be a long oneshot. It's pushing 3000 words right now, but it's further along than a lot of stuff I'm working on. It's half fun and half a character exercise; my goal is to make Tomoe the "villain" but still keep her IC (so she's really not a villain. She's just obsessively in love). Anywho, it's being really, really fun. If only NaNoWriMo had been this fun, I could have finished it. *sadface*

I work tomorrow too, and I have no idea when I'm going to do part of this project I've got due on Friday. I'm hoping libraries are open after eight, but I doubt it. I'll probably have to stop at Borders.

Meanwhile, I got a new debit card that's not working out, and it's pissing me off. I feel really morose right now, like a depressed mime. Not depressed, as in suicide, but just...aw, shucks. I gotta bring up my math grade. And I forgot my math textbook at school. And my debit card--we transferred all my cash to Maman's account after I lost my old card, and we transferred it back, but it's still saying insufficient funds. And the bank's "fixed" it three frickin' times. Jeez.

Stupid bank.

Stupid people.

Stupid capitalism.

I'm going to go be a socialist hermit who wires money from Bill Gates' account to buy books with my mad hacking skillz that I presently don't have. w00t.

Or I'll just fail at life.

See? Depressed mime all over.

nebulia out.

I hate FFN

Nov. 7th, 2006 08:20 pm
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Anyone who has an Apple and is FFN literate, is it acting up? Basically, anywhere I can sort stories by the different categories (title, chapters, words, reviews, etc.) I can't see the stories. Not on search, author profiles, or, worst of all, my sotries list for when I want to update. Here I was, about to do this three-chapter dump of horrors and it won't let me! But only on the two different Apples I've used for this. PCs seem to be fine...it's just Apples!

And now they're making it uber-hard to e-mail them and ask for help, because obviously they've not noticed this. how do I e-mail their support section? Anyone?


nebulia out.
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So apparently the only thing I was supposed to do at work today was wrap up pickles, because after wrapping 220 of them (hour and fifteen minutes) I was PE Buddy's sister's slave for an hour and a half, and then when she started her sidework I took over the end and basically did that until the end of the night (partially because, as BatBoy had the audacity to tell me--though it was true, I wasn't about to admit it, though--PEBuddy's Sister and PEBuddy and IHaveTheSchedule were all kinda slacking off. It was kinda funny though, and BatBoy and I bonded). Until OtherManager came up to me and told me that the front cooler broke again and Genki and I had to move everything to the walk-in in the back.


Speaking of, FFN sucks. Alerts are broken, you can't access stories from search or profiles, and people are updating!! Gah!!!!!!

Got an 86 on my AP Euro test; the teacher was being totally unreasonable. GAH!!!! I wish I had the God of History Teachers for AP Euro...like I did last year. GAH!!!!

quote of the post: "i was searching/for some legal documents/as the rain beat down on the hood/when i stumbled upon/pictures i tried to forget..." --"title and registration," death cab for cutie

nebulia out.
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My mother is pissed. Auntie is pissed. Auntie tells my mother everything I fucking do when I'm alone, and that pisses me off, and this is the last fucking straw!

on second thought, this is long and full of language and emotion and crap. rant under the cut... )

Swimming this afternoon--time trials still--was interesting. Fun, as always. I did fairly well in 50 breast though the board was screwed up so I'm not sure how well. 200 IM was a laugh, and I think the 100 Free was the slowest 100 Free time that I've ever had timed.


I feel rather proud, actually. Which makes me question my sanity. But still.

It was a good afternoon, and a decent evening, until Auntie showed up. Then it went down the drain quickly. Dammit.

quote of the post: "you...fascinate me." --miles massey (george clooney, in real life), intolerable cruelty

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