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Yeah. Four themes in one week, go me!

To bed I go.

nebulia out.
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So now, you can find Conversations here:

and here:

Both edited than the last time I'd posted it on this little journal. So go check it out.

nebulia out.
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Yep, 'tis another [ profile] 101_kisses drabble! Yay!

Enjoy, my dears. It's very brief (though not a drabble) so go have fun!

quote of the post: "is there a locative case for pronouns? if...a small country...was speaking in a...personified poem?" --sixseven is curious.

nebulia out.
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Five-minute double drabble for [ profile] 101_kisses:

As a note: Kaoru is not wandering around naked; rather, she's in a yukata or just wearing her kenjustu clothes (gi and hakama) all the time. Kimono are fucking hot.

And I always thought that Kenshin would get freckles in the summer; I've wanted to write this drabble for ages.

quote of the post: "i'm german, so i own you. along with the ottoman turks."
"you look polish to me, you know."
LittleGermanPickle discusses the consequences of our hertiage at the swim meet; being Serbian, i am now apparently owned by her. CaptainMyCaptain refutes that with her own statement, based off of appearance.

nebulia out.
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Here's the most recent [ profile] 101_kisses ficlet:

High Fashion, theme 59: cosplay; fancy dress:


Aug. 7th, 2006 11:03 pm
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I'm really tired. I'm going to post this and then I'll go to bed.

Posted the second ficlet for [ profile] 101_kisses. Theme 26, Windy Nights.


Check it out, dude. I'm going to bed.

quote of the post: "that sea monkey has my money." --dory, finding nemo

nebulia out.
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Posted the first, fully finished [ profile] 101_kisses fic. A drabble (w00t! I love drabbles!). I'm actually pretty happy with it, I think. Here's the link:


quote of the post: "gosh!" --napoleon dynamite

nebulia out.

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